19 September 2008

Park City Retreat

As close as I'll ever get to kissing a deer
The Chateaux
I watched little Kate, my good friend Catherine's baby, Thursday morning. I am so grateful we don't have twins!! Amelia took a bad tumble down the stairs. She bruised her cheek and possibly twisted her ankle. She was really clingy after my absence the day before. Kate and Amelia were so cute together! We went to the park and played with Kate's toys at home. Kate even let me snuggle her for 10 minutes. So nice...
Justin and I had our first night away in Park City Thursday evening. De-bo stayed with Amelia at our home overnight. The firm held their yearly retreat at the Chateaux at Silver Lake in Deer Valley. Our room is very posh! We stayed here last year as well. We had an hour to relax in our room before dinner. Dinner was held at the Empire Lodge. All the guests mingled for an hour before dinner enjoying conversation, appetizers, and drinks. Dinner consisted of salads, prime rib, salmon, potatoes, and bread. It was very delicious. I enjoyed talking with Justin's colleagues.
The best part was sleeping an entire night without interruption. This morning I walked around the resort area for an hour taking in the incredible hotels. I sort of felt like the Country Mouse coming to visit the Town Mouse. It would be hard for me to squander so much money on such wealth. Breakfast was buffet style. In a little while, everyone will congregate to listen to a guest speaker before lunch. Afterwards we will return home.
The guest speaker was Dr Hull. He was in a trampoline accident that made him a paraplegic. He told his story about recovery and overcoming huge obstacles. It was very inspiring. Glad to have use of my limbs!! Amelia was very glad to see me. She melted into tears when I bonked her head with her car seat. Poor thing was tuckered out after all that excitement.


Wednesday was a VERY busy day due to Candice and Ian's wedding. Justin was able to get the afternoon off work to watch Amelia. Melody watched Amelia from 10:30 until 1:30! I sure appreciate her watching Amelia. I hear she was a good girl! Candice's wedding was held at the Salt Lake Temple. There were only 3 weddings that day; hers was the last wedding of the day. That meant we had a lot of time taking pictures around the temple. Both Candice and Ian are very photogenic so the photos turned out really awesome. I can't wait to post a couple. Ian is a really funny guy. He struck several GQ poses and was totally willing to goof off in front of the camera. It was really fun to have the videographer beside me as well. Between the two of us we had a fun photo shoot.

We finished taking pictures around 1:30, the wedding got out around 11:45! I ran home after the temple pictures and downloaded the pictures onto the computer. Downloading 450 pictures took about two hours...yikes. I quickly chose two, edited, them and sent them to Inkley's hour photo processing service. By this time I was due to be at the reception site for more family pictures. Justin was kind enough to pick up the pictures for me and deliver them at the reception. The reception was held at the Huntsman Cancer Center near the UofU in the 6 floor restaurant. The view was absolutely gorgeous!! I stayed at the reception site from 4:30 until 9:30 pm documenting the reception. I love using a photojournalism style of photography for the reception. My favorite was capturing all the little girls twirling in their pretty dresses. Ian is a member of the Marine Corp. He wore his uniform at the reception. His unit sent the new couple off on their honeymoon in style! They formed a line and used their swords to form an awesome column. As the couple passed down the middle of the line the last couple Marines trapped Ian and gave him a good smack on the bum with their swords. We all shared a good chuckle.

I was glad to come home and put my feet up! Amelia was in bed already. It felt rather strange to be absent from her nightly routine. I've only missed it three times since she was born. Little stinker woke about about 6 times during the night asking....yelling for MOMMY. She scared the wits out of me when she took her binky and scraped it against the wall. I thought there was a robber in the house. I finally figured out it was her, when I opened her door she squealed in delight...Mommy?? Too bad it was 3 am...I laugh now.