27 February 2013



Pudding Paint

I forgot to blog on Sunday. Geepers. I must be pregnant, snort. A little catch up:
Monday: Ella came over to play all day since both girls had a holiday. They played non-stop all day. We took the kids to Mcd (our usual haunt) for a special treat. After lunch Miss Katelyn came over to play as well. Amelia knows Miss Katelyn from dance and Kindergarten. They are funny girls! The girls and Phillip enjoyed a fun tea party, dressing up, playing house, and trains. I inherited a Thomas the train train track and table from a gal in my ward. It is pretty awesome. Phillip likes it because there is no controller and Everett can snap the pieces together. We often set up both tracks and enjoy a train day.
Wednesday: Went for my first prenatal appointment. Dr Shaw could not find a heartbeat so she sent me down to ultrasound just to make sure there is a baby growing. Yep! There is a baby. Duh?! I am so nauseous and sick I could tell you that. I hate the first questionnaire because you have to remember all the details. I cannot remember my newborn's weights. Blush. I got Amelia's right but totally flubbed Phillip and Everett.
Friday: Enjoyed a date to Dude's Steak House with Justin. The kids went to play with Romain and Cydahlee. Heaven.
Saturday: Let the kids paint with pudding on some discarded backdrop paper. Put down a plastic drop, the paper, and gave the kids bowls of pudding. They painted and skated for a good hour. I had to carry Amelia to the bathtub because she refused to stop licking the paper. Everett is super cranky. He is getting his bottom molars this week. We were doing so well keeping his binkies in bed. This week he was so whiny I let him keep the darn things more often then not. I could not take his constant crying and piteous whining.
Sunday: Tried to cook up some leftover black-eyed peas on the stove. Ended up forgetting about the pan when we left to have dessert with the Wood family. Came home to a house filled with billowing smoke and a stench that made our home smell like a bar from Hell. It still reeks but the smell is slowly leaving. Justin and I sprayed three bottles of Febreeze around the house, used the whole house fan during the winter, and Justin washed the kitchen walls and linens (good job hun). Man, I feel like a heel for forgetting.
Monday: Spent the most nauseous day of my life per bean smoke house. Still feeling dumb about the entire situation. Took Everett to the Dr because he kept wiggling his nose like something was stuck up his right nostril. Dr Shaw could not see anything up there. No ear infections or other obvious ailments. Just cranky and clingy. He was up until 4:30 am the night before just crying all night. Poor kid.
Tuesday: noticed how pretty the field was covered in snow and collected frozen water. Took some photos of Mia to capture the beauty of two favorite things. Helped decorate for the Blue and Gold banquet. We are doing a Luau! Should be lots of fun. All my boys earned their Webelo badges! Hooray! Enjoyed having the Sister Missionaries over for dinner. I made French Dip sandwiches with salad. Took some dinner over the Kelly too. Her daughter, Stella was in the hospital for 6 days with RSV. She is getting better but the steroids make the poor baby cranky and angry.