23 February 2012

Tired, Exhausted, Sick

Check out those two bottom toofers...

The wink

It's been quite the long week for us. Everett developed a nasty case of RSV on Friday. He passed it on to Phillip on Monday. Both boys got RSV from Amelia, who also gave it to me. Justin so far is unscathed. Not much else to report! I stayed home from church again this week. Justin took Mia and Phillip while I stayed with Everett. The boys are cycling through our bed at night. Most nights I end up on the basement couch cuddling one coughing boy while the other screams. Tuesday night I was so exhausted that I let Phillip sleep in our bed for longer than 10-15 minutes. Imagine sleeping with an octopus with a cute little voice, declaiming, "Daddy?! Daddy, pepping. Shhhh!" Over and over. Justin stayed home from work for a couple hours Wednesday morning so I could catch a nap. That was gold! Phillip is rather fond of Yo, Gabba, Gabba; a silly TV show that reminds me of the Teletubbies. He LOVES it and asks for Gabby, Gabby in the highest pitched voice he can manage.

Amelia is feeling better but due to a crabby mommy and brothers is enjoying a streak of negative behavior. She was Miss Contrary and Obstinate this week. It was a long week trying not to lose my patience. Everett lost almost two pounds this week. Every time he tries to nurse he gags. I have never gotten results using a breast pump. He might be the earliest baby to wean due to lack of milk production. Makes me sad. I am tired of eating oatmeal mush! LOL. We had a family Dr appointment on Tuesday. The dang Dr refused to medicate us all, only Everett whom the appt was scheduled for. I hate medical politics.

Everett learned how to flirt with his eyes. It looks like a prolonged blink. So darling. He said Ma-ma for the first and only time on Friday. I wish he would say it again! Melted my mommy heart. We are going to Denver tomorrow for a fun overnight stay at a hotel with a pool. The YW are providing babysitting on Saturday down in Denver so the parents can enjoy a temple day. Hooray! We are all terribly excited to have a little break. The wind was terrible yesterday and today. Just terrible. Mary Poppins would not be able to survive here with her fancy umbrella. She'd end up in Kansas.