04 October 2011



Last Wednesday Phillip got another nasty bug bite behind his ear and a couple on his cheek. The side of his head was pretty swollen and red. From behind he looked like Chunk from "The Goonies" movie. We kept trying to teach him to say "Baby Ruth?!" but all he'd say was baby Eberett. Poor kid! He is on Zyrtec so I cannot even imagine what the bite would look like without it.

We had a good weekend enjoying some much needed rest, excitement, and family time. Conference was a balm to my soul. Justin is especially excited that Columbia is getting a temple in one of the cities he served in. Elder Holland's talk during Priesthood session was amazing. I crocheted six hats over the weekend! Can't wait to show you!!

Amelia is gearing up for Halloween as seen by her lovely face paint in the bathtub. She asks me everyday if she can get her costume on yet. She cried and cried when I cleaned off her face. Phillip enjoyed the fun too. He keeps on enjoying the fun with any pen or marker he can find. His limbs are consistently decorated with some type of drawing.

Everett definitely found his feet! He is so cute just rolling from side to side attacking his colorful shoes, getting his socks wet, or laughing at his crazy toes. He is pretty much perfection! He laughs whenever I change his diapers or remove his clothing now. He loves to get naked and move his body around. The kid is wearing 6-9 mth clothing already because he is so long. I had to lengthen the pants I made two weeks ago to accommodate his long legs.

Last week I had the best newborn photo session ever with little Cecelia. She was so tiny at a whopping 5 pounds. The little gal was born 5 weeks early so spent three weeks in the NICU. I went from set to set and pose to pose without her hardly waking up at all. It was a dream session. Check it out here: Cecelia.