01 March 2009

Chocolate Brownie Mix

Little Bunny Foo Foo

We love having Justin home during the weekends. He put Amelia's tights on his head (sorry no picture of that). She was not too sure what to think of that. I kept saying how funny it was. We put the tights on her head then admired her reflection in the mirror, after seeing herself she exclaimed, "Mia Punny!" What a goofy girl. I love watching and hearing Justin and Amelia play on the weekends. She sure loves having him around (me too). Justin let me go to the gym on Saturday, LATE MORNING, instead of at my usual 6:20 am. It was so nice. The fitness center was crammed to the gills with young basketball players participating in tournaments.

After naps we met up with another Real Estate agent to check out more homes. The first home was an accidental repeat showing. After a while all the homes look the same. The agent is named Kelly, Amelia started off calling the poor guy, Stroller. She eventually settled on Telly from Sesame Street. He was tickled pink when she started chasing his laser point like a little puppy. We saw one home that is on our list of top five. It was very open and airy with large windows and skylights/tubes in the bathrooms. The house was painted fun colors and was decorated with the ever popular vinyl lettering. My new favorite home is one I saw earlier this week. It is a huge home, built in 1920 and expanded in 1970. It has tons of storage space. Needs some face-lifting in the kitchen but is still really cool. My husband, the nerdy accountant, emailed me an excel spreadsheet detailing our top five homes. The spreadsheet showed which house is the best deal based on square footage, needed updates, and GARAGE SIZE. LOL. He makes me laugh. The home I like is now looking better and better, even on excel. First things first! Our house needs to sell in Utah. We've seen so many different houses, from old and stale to brand spankin' new. We have to schedule a time to have our stuff in storage delivered to a local storage unit. The relocation company will only store our belongings for 60 days, after that we have to pay $22 per day. That is pretty steep.

We made a stop by the park to swing and slide before heading back home freezing cold but excited for dinner of Chop Suey. Amelia helped me make brownies for a treat. She licked the bowl and everything else that had a residue of chocolate batter. I will post a couple pics of her choco face in a bit. She had another BAD night. I think Amelia has another ear infection because she kept screaming oww-eee mommy at the top of her lungs during the night. I spent a couple hours on the couch holding her until she fell asleep. I love Benedryl.

At church I was immediately nabbed by the Primary President to play the piano. Every week it seems she zeroes in on me from the moment my foot enters the chapel door. She is pretty intense, it is almost comical! So I played piano another week. I wish the Bishop would just give us a calling so I don't have to play musical callings every week. I peeked in on Amelia several times during Nursery because it was across the hall. She is doing very well in Nursery now. Justin takes her to class, I have no idea how that goes! I'd rather not know. When I peek in she is either staring a book being read, playing with the dollies, or playing with the kids. I am so relieved that she is doing better at Nursery. I was almost beginning to think Nursery would be my Sunday School and RS for the next year.

I started crocheting hats this week. So far I crocheted 2 hats per day for the past couple days, not bad. I hope to have a hat per shirt to sell. There is a woman's conference in Sidney the end of April. I should have plenty of time to crochet my fingers off and finish the last couple shirts left in my stash.