16 October 2009

Crazy Busy

I am a bit behind in the blogging. Justin said he has no idea what is happening in my life when I am remiss in updating my blog!! Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia all arrived around 6:30 pm on Monday. I had spaghetti waiting for dinner. All day I spent finishing the touch up paint and general cleaning at the new house. Phillip helped me while Mia played with a friend. The kids are having a splendid time playing. Each kid has a melt down now and again but all in all they are enjoying their time together.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the weather was very cold and rainy. We mostly stayed in doors on Tuesday. Miekka helped me put the blinds back on the windows, hang the border in Phillip's room (we ran out of border, only 4-5 feet without border...grrrr), put the fireplace grill back, and other stuff. We put all the kids to bed early due to extreme crabbiness and watched "My Life in Ruins." It is my new favorite movie; any movie that has a main character named Poopy Cacaus is awesome.

Wednesday morning I put the first coat of paint on all the doors. Then we decided to make a trip to the Sterling Home Depot in the afternoon. I loaded up on a lot of stuff needed to finish up the house. Miekka convinced me to install track lighting in the kitchen, which was our main reason for the trip. We were all pretty tired so stayed at home afterwards. I made a super cute shirt for Lia's first birthday.

Thursday morning we bathed all the kids and dressed them up for pictures. Miekka wanted new updated pictures of her three kids. We drove over to the train tracks and had fun freezing our buns off and enjoying the Nebraska breeze/wind. The kids did not last long but we stuck with it eventually getting some acceptable pictures. I accidentally left my wicker chair at the site...someone took it home before I realized what happened. Bummer...Then back to the house for more painting. During afternoon naps we took some stinkin' cute pictures of Lia in her birthday suit and birthday shirt. Posted pictures will appear one day soonish.

Today we installed the kitchen track lighting...it makes a HUGE difference. For lunch we met Justin at the Cabela's so the Lances would not leave here without a visit. I finished the painting the doors and Amelia's new bed. Miekka removed the last trace of painter's tape. Justin and Matt made three trips to the condo and/or storage unit for a couple items like food storage, random boxes, and the washer/dryer. Tomorrow will be the big move, bright and early at 8 am. Our new furniture was also delivered sans love seat this afternoon. Justin noticed the couch corners were damaged so the store will order us a new couch too. That is the essence of our past couple days...

PS: I updated the online photo album with flooring pictures...click to view!