31 July 2009

Cheyenne Co Fair

This morning Alison and I packed up the kids and went to see the animals at the fair. When we arrived the steers were being judged! It was fun to watch the process and imagine my Dad in the ring with Julius (his steer). The kids LOVED the small animal barn, filled with sheep, goats, bunnies, and poultry. Amelia was afraid of the bigger animals but gravitated toward the bunnies and chickens. She even held a chicken for a split second. The weather is freakishly cool lately, yesterday it was only 60 something. I pulled out her new pink boots for the fair and as warmer shoes. Aren't they darling? Love it!! After seeing the animals we had a picnic lunch. There was not much more to see except the textile room. We were back home in time for afternoon naps at 1:00 pm. Justin and I are going back this evening to eat some greasy food and take Amelia on a couple rides.

Amelia is doing better at night. Wednesday night it took only 8 times to get her to stay in bed. However, she woke up at 11, 1, and 3 taking 3-4 times each to keep her in bed. Last night we put her back in bed 20 something times then she slept the whole night! I woke up at odd times waiting for her to wake up. I guess my body is primed for midnight action. She gets night-night treats in the morning and today we got her a special toy for sleeping in her Princess bed. So, hooray for progress. This is the 4th-5th time we've had to throw down the gauntlet with her. Anytime we have a big change she revolts. We really wish we were in a house right about now. Mia does better at night if the door is open. That means doing dishes, watching TV, or even talking normally is inhibited. One thing at a time, right?!

The baby is doing well. He was breech but moved again to a head down position late Wednesday night. I looked like there was a huge pickle stuffed in my belly. I look much more normal now, for being pregnant at least. My pelvic infection came back after only 2 weeks. The Dr did not want to give me anymore anitbiotics because of the danger of elevating the infection to a SUPER infection. So, only water and sleep for me. I can down the water, sleep is harder to come by.

I want to note some developmental advancements Amelia reached in the past couple weeks. She can open doors (but stubbornly refuses to close them), can somersault, reads books to herself, constantly sings to herself, and talks in complete sentences. Here are two vidoes of recent activity:

Reading with Ella

29 July 2009

Atlas E Missile Site

Last night for Enrichment night we visited Atlas E Missile Site. Don and Charlene Zwonitzer are members of our ward here in Sidney. They moved to Kimball about 13 years ago. Their home is VERY unique: an abandoned missile silo! The couple has spent the past 13 years making the site a self-sufficient haven. Their goal is to be completely self-sufficient. They have definitely reached that goal and more. Char estimates they can harbor all their family plus 20 people for a year inside the silo. Don is an electrical engineer so he has the whole place rigged with property alarms, solar panels, batteries, wind power, and generator power. The blast bay is converted into a steep greenhouse of 10 shelves. Char makes all her own fertilizer with a worm farm and compost. Her tomatoes are huge. She is enjoying a large crop of garlic this year too. There are two places where they could even have their own trout pool!

The silo has two sides, one for "working" and storing and the other is the living side. Pretty much they had to follow the plans for when the silo was operating like kitchen, bathroom, etc because the entire complex is concrete and renovating is very difficult. Both Don and Char have their ham radio licenses and an impressive set up. Their place is heated by a corn stove using dent corn, it costs them only $55 per year to heat the place. I think Char said they have about 5,000 lbs of wheat alone! I could go on and on about all the cool gadgets inside their home...

They give tours around the year. I found some pictures of the site on the internet. Wonder of wonders I forgot my camera and purse this trip. Too tired to think straight!!!

Check here: http://missilesitehome.com/MissileSiteHome.html

Under 100 Club

Yesterday was a busy day for us. I spent my last night on the floor of her room on Monday. After she discovered how to get out of her crib it was impossible to sleep on Monday. Justin spent 2 hours just sitting with her, she never settled down. In order to juice up my batteries for a battle of wills I slept on her floor. Yesterday we spent most of the day toddler proofing her room. It was hard to put all my crafting stuff away and clear out her room because her room is also our storage/craft/baby room. It is now nearly empty except for a chair and the stuff behind her crib. Ella, Mia, and I walked down to the consignment store and found a toddler bed rail (yay). Then Alison helped me take a load to the Salvation Army and put some stuff back in storage.

Mia chose new sheets for her new bed. Her choices were Elmo, Princess, Fairies, or Dora. She chose Princess...strange because we have not really introduced her to Disney Princess. A couple weeks ago I got her princess bubbles for her bath, which was a HUGE hit. We came home and Mia helped me wash her new bedding.

Alison watched Mia for a while until Justin got off work. I went on a fabulous tour of a missile silo turned into a home...next post! I didn't get home until 9:45. Justin made a CD of quiet Primary songs to play in her room and I stuck a night night next to her bed. We started our bedtime battle with her already super tired. I personally put her back in bed 63 times, Justin about 10. I set up a camp chair just outside her door, when her shadow would get close to the door I'd jump up and either carry her back to bed or make her walk back. I'd cover her, kiss her, then walk back out. No mincing of words just silent action. Around 11:10 she finally stuck her binky in her mouth and fell asleep. Phew. I was so grateful! Less than a 100 times putting her back in bed. She woke up around 3 am but stayed in bed crying a little then went back to sleep. This morning when Justin's alarm went off he looked in the direction of the bathroom and noticed two bright eyes surveying us! She quickly ran into our room once her presence was noted. She was a living icicle, some snuggles resolved that issue. She got a night-night treat for staying in bed this morning.

I have a feeling tonight will be worse because we will put her to bed at a normal time. I hope it is not worse! Keep us in your prayers.

27 July 2009


She learned how to climb out of her crib during nap time. So much for taking charge. I was asleep and she was running amok. We've had a crying fest since 1:15 pm...

Taking Charge

So...I am fed up with Amelia's newest sleep trend. I find myself sleeping on her floor more often than not. I feel like a parental failure when it comes to her sleeping. I know most of the blame lies with me giving in when she has a bad night. The bad night turns into long weeks of discomfort. Last night I finally realized that a little 2 year old is controlling me. A conversation with my mom this morning confirmed what I already knew...Mia and I are having a battle of wills. She knows I am too tired most of the time to deal with her night antics so she has free reign. For me, I have a difficult time ignoring her complaints because of her history of ear infections, nightmares, and the fact that she is a light sleeper. My mom suggested that we begin to teach Amelia to turn to the Lord when she has a hard time sleeping through prayer. She is smart enough to understand the concept. With a new baby only weeks away it is time to go through the ringer and resolve this issue once and for all. Wish me luck as I flex my mommy muscles and teach Amelia that sleeping is not a choice and she must go to bed on MY terms and not HER terms.

26 July 2009

Thanks With Franks

This past weekend was pretty busy! I watched all four Haley kids while Matt was finishing Scout Camp and Alison went to Denver to run in a 10k. Our adventure started around noon Friday. I had a nasty persistent headache all day. Mia and Ella took naps then we filled up the girl's kiddie pools and enjoyed some fun on the Haley's lawn. I got the boys a pack of water balloons. Even the girls had a blast with the balloons. They stuffed their purses with the balloons then threw them until the balloons broke. Once Justin got off work we fed the kids some pizza and he fixed Drew's bike. Justin took the boys to see a movie...G-Force? My head hurt too bad to sit in a theater. It rained a bit than the clouds put on a spectacular display along with a gorgeous sunset. The girls played some more then I gave them a bubble bath with princess bubbles. That was very exciting! Alison's kids are so easy to put to bed! I had time to look over my Sunday lesson and read my newest book, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.

Saturday Mia and I had a stolen moment alone. She found some purple chapstick. I discovered her crouched over my hand mirror muttering, "I so pretty!" with chapstick smeared all over her lips and cheeks. I love the picture of her big eyes.

Around 10:30 we put the girls in strollers and walked downtown with Drew and Brayden. Sidney hosted a sidewalk party to promote the small businesses in the downtown area. Each business had something outside on the sidewalks to sell and percentages off inside their stores. There was even a small Farmer's Market! The kids all got little air brushed tattoos on their hands or arms. Ella and Mia both got little butterflies on their hands. We walked back home to pick up Morley, who went to shoot hoops at the fitness center. Then walked back to eat hot dogs, watermelon, cookies, and chips for lunch. It seemed that about a quarter of the town showed up for the free meal. We all had a fun time seeing people we know and enjoying a hot dog feast. On the walk home Morley got his tattoo. Justin organized a kid's race while we waited to amuse everyone.

Matt got home around 1:30! We all took a nice afternoon nap. Justin surprised me by suggesting a trip to rifle through our stuff after dinner. He found the baby swing, bouncer, boppy pillow, Amelia's hair clips, gender neutral baby clothes, and some photography stuff I wanted. I even found my stash of yarn! Our trip was so successful we celebrated with ice cream from DQ.

Last night Matt made some fresh doughnuts from biscuit dough, fried, and dipped in sugar. Yum! Then we sat around a fire and roast marshmallows. It is awesome to have good friends nearby; makes living and moving here to Sidney much more enjoyable.

25 July 2009


Here are some of the shirts I made this week. I tried out the freezer paper idea and it worked like a charm. A lady in my ward let me borrow her Cricut machine, which I used to cut out the lettering. The rest pretty much followed tutorials found on the internet: iron, paint, and wait. I decided the shirts needed some pizzaz so embroidered around the lettering and added some buttons. I love how the big sister, baby brother shirts turned out.

24 July 2009

Sterling Water Park

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Sterling Water Park. It is reminiscent of the public pools all around Utah. The kids thought it was a water park because of the slides...lol. If they only knew! I now understand why Colorado has fun public pools, even the small towns. They are funded by lottery money. I wish Sidney would build a lottery funded pool. It was smokin' hot the first part of our day. The heat brought a massive thunderhead around 3:30 which shut the pool down until after 4:30. We braved the wait and enjoyed the cooler weather and empty pool afterwards. They had everyone wait in the upstairs area, we were even banned from taking a shower. I was waiting on pins and needles for word on our SECOND OFFER on the King St home. Word finally came back and we were NOT happy. More later...

Mia did not spend more than 10 minutes at a time in the pool, she gets cold easy and would rather lounge in her towel with a fruit snack. I love how she puts her sunglasses (gake-es) on upside down. Me I amused myself by toting around my camera, playing with the aperture and shutter modes. It was hard to narrow down the correct exposure with all the blazing light. I also finished embroidering a shirt for Amelia.

The kids had a blast...we went with Allison, her kids, and two other ladies and their kids. We stayed until 5:50 then made an emergency stop at Sonic for a treat to tide everyone over during the ride home. I finally tried one of their limeade creamies. Holy smokes....it was yum, yum.

We put in our second offer on Tuesday. This time we upped our offer price quite a bit, then subtracted three necessary fixes that really needed attention: carpet, exterior paint, and hvac cleaning. I spent the past week calling local people to get paper bids on the work we wanted done. Our offer was generous at best. The lady countered with the same offer as the first time, only this time she left in the appraisal adjustment IF it was ok with her. We are now trying to figure out if it's worth our time and money to pay for an appraisal before we counter. We will only do that IF she is willing to stick to the appraiser's judgement. I won't tell you my true feeling about the whole situation because it includes some naughty words.

We had another Dr appt yesterday also, the baby is BIG and growing fast. I've dreamed twice that my due date was wrong and he will come next week. I almost wish that was the case since I don't want a 9 lb baby. Mia brought her Dr bag with us to the appt. The Dr was tickled pink when she listened to the baby's heart with her stethoscope while he used his sono-machine.

21 July 2009

Hats and Layette

I just finished a couple projects!! I love how the hats turned out. I mentioned the flannel fabric found in Utah a couple weeks ago. All the flannel is edged now and looks so cute. Of course the blanket, burp cloth, and bib needed more company. Yesterday I made the onesie to match and an earflap hat. I made up the pattern for the hat so that was super fun!! I love all the colors together. Can't wait to actually photograph the baby in this cute get up. Maybe it still needs some booties?! LOL..overkill? Maybe!!

20 July 2009

35 Weeks

Yesterday I thought my outfit was pretty cute...hurry grab the camera...I felt cute while pregnant!! LOL. It was quite a production to get a picture. I don't ask Justin to help me anymore because he complains and doesn't know what I want. Now my camera is tripod mounted with my remote controller set to 10 (second) mode. Amelia helped me by giving the remote back to me for half the pictures. Good thing one turned out!! Only 5 more weeks to go...hopefully!!

I am feeling pretty darn good right now. Getting around and sleeping on the floor are not so fun but bearable. I need my toes painted! I removed my old polish and haven't gotten around to holding my breath for a minute to get to my toes. Maybe one day this week.

We still have not narrowed down a name for the baby...sorry!! Justin and I are both too bull-headed to compromise. We may throw a surprise name or just call him Voldy for good. It is a good solid Romanian name, eh?

17 July 2009

Summer Days

Mia and I are enjoying two-three trips to the pool each week. We usually go after her nap (if she takes one) for an hour of splashing. Yesterday she had the baby pool to herself for 10 minutes. She was in heaven. Amelia is NOT a fan of splashing, so spends most of her time wiping water off her face. She is a funny little duck! Her new trick is simply to sit down in the deeper end and keep her head above water. She also loves to hold her sunglasses...not wear them. Once she tires of the baby pool we take a spin in the big pool. The water is still very cold so we don't last long. I found an inner tube floatie suit she wears in the big pool. She loves to kick and go backwards. Yesterday she actually kicked herself across the entire pool length! Way to go baby girl.

The sleeping issue is going better. She seems to do better with a bright constant night light and going to sleep with Mommy or Daddy on the floor. I made a temporary bed on the floor to sleep on during nap time and when she falls asleep. At least she is not waking up constantly at night. Our bedtime routine now went from a simple 10-20 minutes to 60-90 minutes. It is worth the time to get a full night of sleep.

Our house is no longer our house! Hooray! The relocation company closed on our property yesterday. It is strange to have so much cash in our account waiting for a new house down payment. I bet Justin is tempted to go out and buy the truck he really wants!!! LOL. We are planning on making another offer on the house from two weeks ago. This time I gathered bid information to present the seller so she can at least see how much money we are wanting to back off of the house price. Maybe she will be more receptive.

15 July 2009

Giving it a WHIRL

I HATE working with most doctors. As previously mentioned I took Amelia to the DR to make sure she was physically free of symptoms that would inhibit sleep. Her ears are fine (at least that much is known). The stupid DR suggested maybe she was teething (Mia has all her teeth due until 3 yr old molars) or going through a growing spurt. Her final suggestion was maybe she is a high-strung child...ya think?! I want my $35 dollar copay back. Sunday night I mostly slept in her room on the floor. She held on to my finger most of the night, waking up every 20-30 minutes just to make sure my finger was still present. I was a BIT sore in unknown muscles, but more rested! Monday and Tuesday nights Justin and I took turns sleeping on the floor until she was in a good REM cycle. I guess the next step will be to wean her of our presence during sleep...again. In our next house we are definitely getting a comfy lazy boy chair.

We are also trying the potty training route. I pretty much stopped trying Monday night, after giving her a lot of water to drink then sitting her on the potty for a full 30 minutes. We painted her toes and finger nails, sang songs, read books, etc. NO pee...until we left the bathroom. She whizzed all over the carpet less than a minute after! I don't think she quite understands the concept. Funny thing is she still asks to use the potty but mostly just plays with it, triggering the music. Watching how aware Ella is of her body is helping me realize that Amelia is not quite there yet. I figure playing with the whole potty idea is no waste of time. We will try again when she can tell me about pee and poo before it happens. Cleaning poppy undies is no fun at all. I've cleaned out about 7 pairs of poopy pants and three times as many pee-pee pants. We are in no hurry. She exhibited some interest so we (I) gave it a whirl!

Today we went to the local park for 3 hours. The girls had a blast playing with each other and kids who came and went. Mia re-scraped her right knee for the third time, I MADE her put on a band aid as protection. We nearly squashed a neatly camouflaged baby duck resting on the rocks near the park benches. It was so new the eyes were still covered. All the little kids squealed in delight as we watched the tiny duck roll around on a napkin found in my car. I found a "safe" place to protect the little duck near the pond. Mia and Ella loved playing "airplane" on the swings, ie. swinging on your tummy. They also hung monkey style from the jungle gym. The weather was oddly cool and quite pleasant. Mia took an early nap, alas not a long nap. We went to her next favorite place: the library. This evening she enjoyed a chocolate popsicle...well, maybe her face and legs enjoyed the popsicle more than her mouth. She's learned to paint her body with the cool fudgey confection. Makes her yummy to kiss!!!

I crocheted three cute hats for baby Voldy and cut then sewed one more blanket, burpie, and bib out of some flannel found in Utah with little monkeys on it. I am actually going to crochet the entire set to match. I have a lot more respect for Grandma Lance and the blankets she crochets for all the little babies. It takes a lot of time to edge those blankets. Pictures forthcoming!!

12 July 2009

Graveyard Shift

I wonder if Amelia and I would qualify for a sleep deprivation study...I know the military is really interested in that subject. I am not really interested in the subject but find myself wrapped up in the effects due to a tiny little 22 pound singing sprite. Amelia's never slept very well since birth. The first year to 14 months was pretty awful. Then she started to sleep through the night and take naps (most of the time). It seems we had restless nights once a month or so after that. Usually those sleepless nights were rare and due to ear infection pain or some sort of illness. Out of the blue last month she started pulling all-nighters again. Maybe she is practicing for college. We put her to bed around 9 pm. For the past week she's cried and whined until after midnight or longer. Five of these nights I gave her Benedryl after midnight. She still gets up at 8 am, not so chipper but awake. Now the poor thing has purple eye bruises from not sleeping enough. Tomorrow we are going to the DR to make sure she has no outward physical pains or illnesses...then a demand for baby Ambien, THEN a referral for a sleep study. I can't take much more of this!!! My belly is too big to hold her for longer than a couple minutes. I've racked my mind for trigger events that caused this new disruption but can't think of anything. She is acting afraid of her bed (again) after sleeping soundly in it for over a year. If anyone wants to take the mid-night shift we'd be grateful. Justin gets up more than usual and is also totally flummoxed. Enough said....

Friday I made a bumbo seat cover. I have a purple one, but a BOY cannot sit in a girly chair...right?! I cheated a bought a cover off Etsy, ripped it apart four minutes after it arrived on my doorstep, and made a new paper patter. A couple hours later I finished sewing a new blue cover together. All I need now is a bumbo seat to try on the cover and make any adjustments before I sew on the elastic to the bottom. It is cute so far.

Saturday morning Alison, her four kids, Amelia, and I drove to Cheyenne for a day of shopping. Justin and Matt were either working or fishing so we were not terribly missed. I was sorely tempted to cancel because Mia and I only slept 4 hours. She napped on the way so was in a good mood. I finished the last of 8 burp cloths!! The picture is of batch two...aren't the colors fun?? Alison had fun shopping at Plato's Closet and Target. I had my hay day at Once Upon A Child (consignment store). I scored the cutest pair of brown cowboy boots...size 1. They are so cute I can't stop admiring them. I also found three outfits for the baby to wear to church. Justin calls them Mr Man clothes. Too cute. At Target I got Mia a fun little microphone for a $1. She spent the rest of the time in store singing "I am a Child of God." People who heard her singing would stop and comment how amazed they were that Amelia knew she was a Child of God! Mia would pipe up, "YEP, Child of God!" The kids had fun at McDonald's for lunch. Alison snagged me a yummy cranberry limeade from Sonic so the trip was complete. At Hobby Lobby I found some fun fabric for a couple more projects in the works. The kids fell apart on the way home. They did so great until the last 5 miles. Still once everyone started to yell it was pretty funny. Justin took Amelia to the park for an hour once we got home. I worked on my Gospel Doctrine lesson...thanks sweetie!!

I played the organ today in sacrament meeting. I enjoy playing because I can set a faster tempo. Our congregation tends to drag out the hymns, we need a little pep now and again. My lesson went really well today. The topic was missionary work during the later Kirkland years. My eyes teared up after reading a quote of Brigham Young defending the prophet after the Kirkland bank failure. Church history is so intriguing. Teaching Gospel Doctrine is my dream calling. I will enjoy it as long as possible. This afternoon Mia decided not to take a nap. She was super tired but refused to fall asleep. That was about the last straw for me...DR TOMORROW.

PS: we made an offer on a home on Tuesday afternoon on house number 1 from a couple posts ago. The lady's counter was awful, she even refused to budge price after appraisal or inspections. Turns out she wrote the counter herself, bypassing her real estate agent. No wonder it was so bogus. We are unsure if we will offer again. Justin is so busy now with the quarterly report and stressed with his new calling we may wait until September before looking again. None of the house available right now seem to fit our needs and price range at the same time. I've resigned myself that living here in the apt is not so bad...getting our family into a home we will dislike seems like a bigger mistake. At least the townhome is locked in for sale, the relocation company will close on it the 15th of July. Phew!!

10 July 2009

Busy Day

We had a pretty busy day yesterday! A local lady ordered 4 custom onesies, I made them all yesterday after my Dr appt. The baby is growing big...he will probably outweigh Amelia by 2+ pounds. The Dr said he may induce me early if the baby still measures large (yipee?!). He was impressed I only gained 14 pounds in 7 months...me too. Guess my gym visits do pay off. Back to the subject...this time I decided to make ruffly bums for the girl onesies. They turned out cute! My zig zag stitch decided to konk out while working on the first onesie. Mia helped me craft by commandeering my scissors...she nearly cut a shank of her hair off. Instead she amused herself with leftover fabric and kid scissors. Her new favorite toy are 4 cans of tomato paste. She loves to stack them and stare longingly at the red color. Strange kid. Last night we went over to play with Ella for a while. Ella is in the throes of potty training. Mia really coveted her pink potty, wanted one RIGHT now, and tried to pee through her diaper. I am honestly a little hesitant to start now because she will probably be trained then regress once the baby arrives and moving ensues. What do you think???

Mia is continuing her sleep difficulties. Last night she refused to settle to sleep until after 11 pm. Poor thing has red raccoon eyes from lack of sleep. I tried to have a serious conversation with her about potential aches and pains. She thought my questioning was a game of name the body part. She finally got another dose of Benedryl for the 3rd night in a row. Maybe she just has a sleep disorder. I wish we could get some!!!

A lady in my ward gave me this awesome bassinet the other day. I spent Wednesday afternoon hand cleaning the entire thing because all the linens are sewn to the frame (not a great idea). I could not douse the thing because the bottom is lined with particle board. Luckily, my carpet cleaner was in a reachable location at the storage unit so I ran and got it then cleaned most of it with that. The power went out halfway unbeknownst to me. I was cussing at the poor carpet cleaner blaming the moving company for breaking it. Oops...my bad. It worked fine once the power kicked back on. The hood and basket have tiny mildew stains that will not come out. It is not noticeable unless you look really close. Hopefully, my cleaning spree killed all the germs.

I've been craving cherry limeades lately. They are so yummy in this hot weather. I created a recipe that tastes exactly like Sonic's limeade:

1 can of frozen limeade concentrate
1/2 liter of Sprite (zero, if you are watching calories)
1 jar of maraschino cherry, use half the juice from a 10 oz jar, plus about 15 cherries
1 lime halved, and juiced into pitcher and halves placed in pitcher
24 ice cubes


08 July 2009

Ramen Mail

I love our little girl! I went to check the mailbox yesterday and found 5 packages of Ramen Noodles stuffed inside. She couldn't find real mail so filled it with her favorite food! I am still chuckling over that little discovery. There are happy moments between her and Ella. Ella knows how to push her buttons and she knows how to react. Mia is just like me when it comes to reacting, or should I say over-reacting?! I started a sharing time limit yesterday and tried to show Mia how to wait her turn by laughing instead of seething.

I woke up this morning thinking we spawned a Devil's Child when it comes to sleeping. Little stinker decided to be wide awake between 1 and 4 am. I tried for 40 minutes to get her back to sleep by rocking and singing...no good. Then took her to bed, she kicked us and talked for 40 minutes. I finally got up and took her to Walmart with me at 3:15 am. We were out of children's Benedryl. The checked looked at me like I was crazy to have a toddler in tow. I looked back that she was crazy to think I would do this willingly. Once the Benedryl kicked in she went to sleep for a peaceful 4 hours. I feel bleary-eyed today. No idea why she pulls this trick every couple weeks. She does have a tiny runny nose. I asked her several times if she had any owies in her ears, bum, nose, mouth, tummy, etc. She happily responded, "No, (pause) the sun is night-night." No Joke KID!! We went VT this morning in the small town of Potter. One of the ladies works 3-4 jobs so the only time we can catch her is when she works at her local library. We spent a lovely time with her then another lady in our ward. VT is quite relaxing for me. We have two more appts this week...finally done before the end of the month!!

My baby afghan is finished! The blanket pattern came with a newborn hat pattern as well. Once I crocheted it the hat was large enough to fit a 9 mth old. So, I made another smaller one to fit when the baby comes. Don't you love the colors? Yummy, delicious!

05 July 2009

Happy 4th of July

We had a pretty relaxed and fun day. Our ward had a breakfast starting at 9 am for those who were still around. It seems over half the ward was gone camping!!! Sister Mason made pancakes, which apparently is an absolute for a 4th breakfast according to Elder Miles. I made Sally Lun to share. The breakfast was at the park so eating was not top priority for Amelia. We ate a bit then wandered over to the playground. Amelia showed off her new trick: hanging like a monkey from a bar. She was so excited and cute about it. The kids had a race for popsicles. Mia had a false start almost winning the race before it even started. Once the race did start she didn't want to run unless I was running too. Imagine that: pregnant lady waddling next to her toddler who was running faster then the lady. Fun times. Amelia LOVES to run. She gets this funny expression on her face of complete concentration. Before the party broke up Amelia enjoyed her victory popsicle. It was so cold outside I was not sure she'd eat one. Justin played with her at the park another half hour before we packed up to go home.

The Elder's came by around 1:30 to say goodbye. We've really enjoyed the past 12 weeks they served here in Sidney. We hope another companionship will come in 12 weeks hence. Everyone got a decent nap in the afternoon. We drove to the tiny town of Dalton, which was celebrating their 100 year anniversary. The celebrating folks were having way too much fun for us. A teenager set off a firework as we were walking back to the car. Amelia stopped and exclaimed "That's so CRAZY!!" This was the first time she really made a comment like that. We both laughed at her astuteness.

We picked up some fireworks, grabbed some pizza for dinner, then had an evening at home watching all the illegal fireworks and setting off a couple of our own. Justin used his blow torch to set off our little show. Amelia was not too enthused about the concept of loud pops and brillant lights. Even the sparklers were a little too much. She almost set me on fire once. We finally got her settled down and in bed by 10:30. Poor thing has gone to bed late now for three nights in a row. Too many loud noises for her.

I am finally feeling a little better. Thursday morning I took myself to the DR because my pelvis was radiating so much pain it was abnormal. Turns out I had an infection of some sort. After two days of antibiotics I can stand and walk a little more normally. The Dr said the baby is really low but not enough to cause labor at this point. This kid is making me hurt 100 times more than Amelia ever did. Adding the pain of an infection put me over the top. Justin nearly had to carry me to bed the other evening. Ouchie!!!

We walked into church this morning and immediately noticed the Stake President and Bishop talking to each other. The bishop stopped talked and pointed to Justin once he caught a glimpse of us. The Stake President immediately walked over and shook hands with us then requested a meeting after sacrament. Justin was called and set apart as Elder's Quourm President. The last president moved to NC about 2 weeks ago, leaving Justin as the only counselor left in the Presidency. Ironically, the Gospel Doctrine lesson this week was on the Priesthood. Justin is a bit worried and overwhelmed by his new calling. Hopefully, he will find a groove soon and do the best he can (which I know he will).

03 July 2009

3rd of July

Ironically the city of Sidney puts on their firework show the day before the 4th. Partially due to the fact that the volunteer firefighters put the show on...the whole force is needed on the 4th because of personal firework calls. Justin's boss owns a home a mile from the site where the firefighters light off the show. They hosted a large BBQ this evening in the most awesome MAN DEN ever. It is a garage large enough to fit a full truck and trailer (the commercial kind) plus plenty of room. Stan has the whole place decked out with taxidermy, sports TV, bars, boats, indoor archery. couches, etc. It is HUGE!!! No wonder Susan's home is a hunting free zone. Stan grilled up a ton of meat on his over-large smoker. All the guests provided the side dishes and desserts. Before arriving at the BBQ I had Justin stop at a couple spots to take pictures of Amelia in her "4th of July configuration." She is such a ham!! It rained very hard just 30 minutes before we left so the ground was nice and soggy. She amused herself by playing with mud and rocks. She stayed clean but got me all smudged up. We made a stop home so I could change. After eating we enjoyed a performance of Stan and Susan singing Karaoke. A full-sized rainbow stretched across the sky, it's been a LONG time since I last saw a complete rainbow. At one point the rainbow doubled. It was amazing. Once full night fell (around 9:00 pm) the firefighters did a great job filling the sky with fireworks. A couple actually exploded on the ground. Thank goodness for the rain. Mia called the fireworks, "sparkies" because she couldn't pronounce sparklies. Fun evening!!

Tomorrow we have a ward breakfast, preceded by a triathlon (bummer I can't participate, I'd kick some bike butt). Afterwards we are thinking of attending Dalton Days. The city is celebrating their 100 year anniversary.