20 August 2008

Fun Times

So far this week I been in a flurry of shopping. Eeek! Miekka and I went the Carter's store on Monday. That store should be banned from me. Nearly every time I go in the clerks say, "There goes our Carter's baby model." True, true. The word SALE sends me into a must-have-this mode. I bought about 7-8 outfits but had buyer's regrets so took half of it back the next day.
Yesterday my good friend Catherine came over to play crafty with me. She found the cutest fabrics at a store, Pine Needles, at Gardner Village. We made a super-cute onesie for her daughter. The fabric was so cute I went to the store later on that evening. The venture left me $25 dollars poorer but 25 times cuter. LOL.
After inventorying our food storage situation I realized that we did not have any wheat. Weird. I thought we had 2-3 buckets, the 2-3 buckets contained rice. Big Bummer. Mom told me the LDS distribution center carried #10 cans of wheat. I bought 24 cans of red wheat and 12 cans of oatmeal. At least we have some now. I plan on ordering more staples over the next few months. It is very comforting to know we can survive on what we have for at least 6-9 months. The feelings of preparedness have strengthened in the past couple months. The financial "depression" we are experiencing in our current economy seems to foretell bad news. Who knows?
Today I had lunch with two good friends, Tammy & Jess, at Cafe Rio. Tammy says the new 4 day 10 hour shifts with the state are harder to endure than a 5 day work week. I am sure it can be exhausting. I whipped out two more cute onsies while Amelia napped. This evening we were outside weeding the garden. Amelia's idea of smelling my "pree wowers" (pretty flowers) is to pull all the petals off an stomp on them. I turned on the water for her to play with. She ended up drinking from the hose spout. It was cute!

Two cute onesies made for twin girls

Yummy Water