21 August 2011

Phillip's Style

Phillip likes to accessorize his outfits...man style. He has no fashion sense...well at least he did match the color of his tie this time. He came out of his room so proud of himself. He grabbed my finger pulling me towards the door saying, "outside, cheese." In translation, let's go outside so you can take a photo of my awesome outfit. What a crack up.

Justin and I were released from our callings as Elder's Quorum President and Primary 1st counselor this morning. We were called to work in the nursery as a couple. Yes! Justin wants to bring bacon and eat snacks for two hours. Should be fun! I also received another short-term calling that will come next week. What do you think of my new table? Yesterday Everett started hacking and coughing, I am getting worried about him. I remember how fast Amelia went from a cold to RSV when she was about the same age. We will be at the Dr's come Tuesday for Phillip's 2 year well-child checkup. I cannot believe he is turning 2 years old on Thursday!
I finally finished editing the 8 photo sessions, blogging them, and making cds for everyone. I bit off a little more than I could chew! That was a lot of work. You can view my recent work: here and here.