26 May 2010

Nine Months Old

Geesh! Time is running away from me. Phillip is now 9 months old, as of yesterday. I have not done his 9 month pictures because the ones of him in the cute car were WAY too cute and will suffice. Oh, little Phillip. He is the sweetest little guy ever. He is ever so happy and jolly. Phillip LOVES me, the smiles I get from him, the hand waving, and total body language is nearly enough to bowl me over. He tracks Amelia with his eyes quite earnestly now as if he is learning all he can from her. I often hear bursts of laughter between the two as some antic entertains them.

Not many milestones to report this month. Phillip is spending more time on his tummy. He spins in tummy circles and can push himself backwards. In the last week or so he learned how to get out of a sitting position onto his tummy. I often find him half sitting half laying on the floor. His favorite toys are stuffed animals, Amelia, Mommy, and a DK touch book about Farm Animals. Oh yeah, he also LOVES to play with the treat bag I have for piano students. All the individually wrapped candies put him in seventh heaven. Sometimes if he sucks hard enough on the cellophane he will get a whiff of sugar. He is very adept at gumming food. He eats goldfish crackers, puffs, cheese, bread, cereal, plus any pureed baby food. No sign of any teeth yet. Some days I can see a very faint outline of bottom teeth, maybe one day. I gave up the 10:30 pm nursing session when we became so sick (about the time the picture was taken). He was not nursing due to a runny nose, so I took the opportunity to wean that session. It took him about 2 weeks to really start sleeping from 8:30 pm to 7 am after the feeding change. His is not so keen on nursing now. If any distraction pops up he is done nursing. I am a bit worried my milk supply will dwindle. A good friend traded me her breast pump to help keep my supply up just in case he regains interest. He waves bye-bye, plays "so big", peek-a-boo, and bounces a lot. Phillip can also say "oh boy," bye, mum-mum, and other little words. This little kiddo is pretty smart. He will watch me do something, like pump soap onto my hands, then mimic my actions and try to push down the soap pump. He seems very tuned to cause and effect "toys". He also LOVES to bang things, especially his hammer bench and pots. This kiddo is about the cutest little man ever. I could eat him up, some days I try but have to refrain because he is too delicious.