18 April 2010

Phillip's yawning MAW

I noticed today how gaping large Phillip can open his mouth. While feeding him I was reminded of a quote from Josephine Baker: "I was learning the importance of names -- having them, making them --but at the same time I sensed the dangers. Recognition was followed by oblivion, a yawning maw whose victims disappeared without a trace." LOL...Phillip's food disappears without a trace...until it comes out the other end. This kiddo can pack away the food. He eats three meals now, probably a good 3/4 to 1 cup of food at a feeding plus 5 nursing sessions. I made him some ravoli (butternut squash, thank you Catherine and Jeff) for dinner. I think he ate more than Mia and I together.

We had a pretty good week! The weather was spectacular. We fertilized our lawn, watered the fertilizer in, prepped the garden box for square foot gardening, planted early spring seeds (peas, 6 types of lettuce, spinach, chard, carrots, radishes, etc), and cleaned out the wintered dead plants. Amelia had the time of her life helping me bang nails into the garden box to wrap yarn around for the square feet sections. Once I started planting seeds she about flipped out. I think she checks on our baby seeds about 10 times a day. Thursday she helped me plant the later spring seeds in peat pots for later outdoor planting. An older sister in our ward has a large garden space. She offered to let me plant corn, more tomatoes, and squash in her garden if I weed and care for it. She will get about a quarter of the harvest. I cannot tell you how excited I am to can and jar out harvest this year. I really HOPE the seeds grow!

Justin let me go to Walmart by myself late one evening. I did not get home until after 10:30. Shopping with no kids is heaven. I picked up a pair of discount ballet shoes for Mia. She can be seen prancing around in a toot-toot (tutu) and ballet slippers to various classical piano pieces. My sewing room is a disaster area right now due to 15 different projects in various stages of completion scattered about the room. I love it! Pictures coming soon.

Justin had a full Saturday of turkey stalking. Not sure if he actually shot at or near one, but he says the experience was educational. He had all his gear laid out the night before (it was a lot of stuff). Matt came and picked him up at 3:45 am. He snuck back home after 11 pm. I found him asleep much to my surprise soon after. The kids and I went to Walmart for bandaids and out to lunch for a diversion. I watched two girly movies, crocheted two hats and a flower, and appliqued three shirts.

Phillip learned to make "farting" noises with his lips this afternoon. He thought I was amazing once I started making the same noise back to him. Justin had a church meeting this evening. The evening weather was perfect so we basked in the side-yard. Amelia refused to put on proper clothing. She looks like a ruffian with her fancy pants, underwear shirt, dirty face, and slippers. I lured her outside with a promise to let her squirt water on the grass with a spray bottle. Phillip showed off his newly aquired clapping skills for my camera. Spring is everywhere! Hooray! Aunt Jana is famous for flying our little ones with the kid on her feet and flipping them over. Amelia is CONSTANTLY begging me to flip her like Jana. I got some fun pictures of her little face enjoying the excitement.

We had a BUSY week. Phillip is getting his eye looked at again on Wednesday. I am not leaving the office until the DR pokes a hole in the poor boy's lower tear duct. Oodles of boogers are constantly pouring from his eye. That night the YW are coming over for a photo lesson and fun photos in my studio. Friday Bruce and Diana are coming for a visit. Sunday is Mia's 3rd birthday. She is hoping for a Tiara, princess cake, Strawberry Shortcake play stuff (like Reagan has?) and presents. What a funny girl.