14 June 2008


Thursday night Amelia freaked out. We went on our usual evening walk and visit to the park. She learned how to slide down by herself once placed at the top of the slide. After about 30 slides I was getting tired but she was not. We had one more slide then walked back to the stroller to continue our walk. That was when her first tantrum started. She cried all the way home. She cried all the way into our home, the bath tub, getting jammies on, reading books, etc. Her behavior was so strange. She was rigid like her tummy or bowels were in pain. When I held her she wrapped her legs around me. When on the floor she would scoot herself backwards like she was trying to take off her bum. I was worn out after an hour of this crying. Nothing would console her. We finally went outside (where the crying intensified) and walked over to my neighbor's home. They have three little children. Eventually, the curosity of the toys and kids overcame her crying. My neighbor gave her a blessing. I gave her benedryl and then put her to bed.

I still am completely baffled by her outbreak. I checked her entire body for bug bites, bee stings, diaper rash, sore throat, etc. Was it tantrum? If so, I am in for a long terrible twos.

My new theory on Motherhood: rollercoasters (period). Love the highs. Love the lows because they lead to the highs. Love the person beside you. Love the unexpected. No book would explain that. Ha, ha.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Mr. Brown Makes Thunder

I meant to write this entry Wednesday night. Five photoshoots, babysitting, and a sick baby, etc kept me busy enough to ignore my blog.

I love lightening storms. My family lived in Tuscon, AZ when I was about 3-4 years old. I distinctly remember the lightening storms that would rush across the desert. One day our landlord put new grass in the backyard of the current home we were renting. Later on that day it started to pour rain. Dad did not want us to run on the new grass in fear of damage to the wet grass. I vividly remember standing near a white post under the patio with tears running down my face just like the rain. The lightening and thunder made a fantastic fanfare to my tantrum. It seems ever since we lived in Arizona lightening storms became an acute fascination. Late Wednesday night I woke to a screaming baby and a delightful thunderstorm. After putting Amelia back in bed, I went downstairs and sat on our back porch in the rain to feel the thunder pound and the lightening streak across the sky. I was in heaven.