31 January 2010

Da Basement

So, here is my basement in current conditions. I moved everything around on Thursday. It seems to flow better. I plan on hanging some pictures of my current work around my studio area. Decorate the art station, the reading area, and get some organization going on for the toys. Pretty much the basement will be an open area divided by 4-5 different decorating themes! LOL. I hope it comes together one day. The only thing I really want to do soon is the art area. Mia is really into artsy stuff like her Mom and grandmas. Any ideas for storage around the art corner? Let me know!!! This was my reward for my new crafty obsession: Mia painted the wall. Good thing she only has watercolors.

New Obsession

Soooooo....I have a new obsession. Last week on one of the photography blogs I follow the photographer had the MOST gorgeous baby hat and clip. The whole effect was Victorian Vintage. I fell in love. I spent a couple hours on the internet (yikes) and found a couple patterns for rolled fabric roses, to which I added some froof, and wa-lah my version of this lady's props. I still want to make another hat and clip in chocolate browns and red, maybe tomorrow! I also discovered that satin curls wonderfully when burned. I usually seal my ribbons with a lighter, last Wednesday I accidentally held the flame too long and stumbled on the effect. I made a couple cute flowers with satin, organza, and tulle (two in pink and one in white). Lastly, I crocheted myself a fun little hat in my fav color: drooling! It even has a cute little strap and vintage buttons. The hat matches my eyes. Sighing with happiness...Charity ordered a cute kitty skirt and shirt combo, to which I HAD to add a matching hat and flower. I WANT/NEED a picture of my little cutie niece. Better get on that Char-bear. Lastly, I made a cute crocheted flower for Amelia's lace hat but she hates it for some reason. So I whipped up a panty-hose head band for the flower. We are having way too much fun while Justin is working those long hours at Cabela's. Gotta keep busy somehow.