29 March 2011

Snow Boots to Rain Boots

I have to laugh. Phillip's feet are so chubby we had to purchase size 7 goulashes to fit his width. The boots fit Amelia perfectly. I stuffed two paper towels into each toe and put two pairs of socks on his feet to get a reasonable fit. The goulashes are so tall he walked around like a penguin wearing a diaper. Every morning since Sunday we woke up to rain and snow all morning. By afternoon the snow is melted and the temperature warm enough to enjoy some outdoor exploration. Yesterday Amelia and I showed Phillip the pleasures of puddle jumping. He was ecstatic to finally play in the gutter without a timeout. Our lovely walk around the block took 45 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes. The kids were in heaven. My feet were so happy in new colorful goulashes. Too bad I can barely see them with my huge belly in the way. I almost went to Walmart yesterday to buy a pair of old man suspenders to keep my pants up. One of my biggest gripes about pregnancy is that my pants and undies never stay up after about 5 months along. Phillip pants-ed me during our walk showing off my undies to the knees. I hope no one saw....much. LOL. I noticed this truck parked around the block from us. What do you think about his creative bumper? I wonder if insurance covers railroad track bumpers. Amelia insisted on wearing her CD player and listen to her mermaid music while in the puddles. We arrived home thoroughly wet, muddy, and blissfully happy.

This afternoon Justin arrived home at 4 pm! He immediately took to my suggestion to start removing the dirt from my garden box. After last year's pestilence of grubs and disease I decided to remove 1/4 of the dirt, seal off the depth with weed fabric and start over. The idea was much easier in my mind than the heavy wet dirt Justin shoveled into the back of the mini-van. I am so excited to start planting! I plan on covering my garden with heavy plastic over PVC (sort of like a pioneer wagon canopy) to protect against frost, wind, hail, heavy rain, and tornadoes. I will try my hardest to have a better garden this year. We learned a lot from last year.

Justin and I are trying out the Love and Logic system of discipline and love. The kids are responding very well to the choices and consequences. Phillip no longer plays with my plants and knows better than to touch the blinds. He now discovered pens and markers look great on the walls, tools belong in the paint bucket, and that boogers smeared all over his face and hair is pretty handsome. At least we are moving on! He hates time out in his room and immediately changes course. Amelia had to pay me with her pillow pet for whining and throwing a fit over a meal I made for lunch. I toted around her pillow pet for an entire afternoon, much to her chagrin. I love that the whining is cut down to less than 25% now. It takes a lot of patience on our part to remember that shouting and illogical statements are not effective, just easier.

I also finished a series of books written by Ben Behunin. The series is about a young man who is hired to be the town potter for a small town in Pennsylvania. He takes over the trade for an old potter who passed away a few weeks before he was hired on. The series is about this young man's journey of remembrance, discovery, and becoming like the old potter. I hope you get a chance to read the books: Remembering Isaac, Discovering Isaac, and Becoming Isaac. Amazing! Now I really want to visit Niederbipp, PN to drink some peppermint tea and eat marzipan cake. That is the least of the impact these books will have on your life.