21 May 2008

Icky, Yucky, Poo-poo

So, Amelia and I enjoyed a wonderful rainy day at home. During the afternoon the rain stopped for a while so we went outside to enjoy the cool weather. My garden is a haven for creeping Jenny (no, not creepy Jenni) and wild honeysuckle...I started to yank the pesky weeds with gusto. Amelia was crawling around on our yard area. One moment she was creeping around the next she was stuffing her face with dog POOOOO....Sick-o. I nearly barfed as I wiped poo off her face and hands. I scooped up the poo and put it on my neighbor's door step. Why do their dogs poop on my yard? Why don't the owners clean up the poo? If you have a dog take care of it. Next time maybe I will let Amelia poop on their yard. See if they like it. After my angry feelings wore off the situation became a bit hilarious. Stepping in dog poo is one thing, dragging my bike tires through dog poo is one thing, tracking dog poo unbeknownst to us into our house is one thing, BUT when my child eats it is quite another.