12 November 2009

Indian Summer Day

The weather was GORGEOUS today. It was so warm we went outside without coats! Even Phillip braved the weather with only a light blanket. His poor eyes are not accustomed to bright lights (i.e. the sun) that he fell asleep almost immediately. Mia and Ella started to ask Alison and I to call each other on the phone. This morning Mia wanted to call Ella and invite her over to play. Listening to Mia and Ella converse is about the funniest thing ever. Next time I will have my camera handy. Ella brought over her pink training potty and gave it to Amelia! She told Mia to be a BIG GIRL like Ella. She did sit on the potty and toot this evening. I guess every little bit helps.

While the girls played and fought over toys I worked on the storage room. All the boxes in there are empty. I collapsed the boxes and took them all to the garage! There are hardly any more boxes in our house. The only ones that remain are in Justin's "Man Den" and two boxes of stuff to be sorted. Hooray! This evening I finished the storage room, which encompassed the huge task of organizing all our food storage. We have to use most of the food relatively soon because it sat out in the heat all summer. Some of the cans buckled so those are the ones to be cycled in first. I finished decorating the wood letters for the kid's rooms today. Also, I painted a cute little bird house for Mia's room. Once the rooms are finished I will take more pictures. I want you to live in suspense! Justin helped me put all the collapsed boxes up in the attic space over the garage. No more boxes floating around cluttering our new house. What a goal to reach.

The last picture shows Amelia eating sugar with cereal for lunch. She was actually eating it, exclaiming over how delicious it was. I am sure eating soggy sugar is very delicious. She was so proud of herself for pouring the sugar all by herself while I was out of the room.