06 November 2016

9 Months Old

Josie is a ray of happy sunshine! She laughs like a duck when delighted, especially at Phillip or when standing up in the van at the steering wheel during Mia's piano lesson wait. She rolls over now, but prefers to sit. On Thanksgiving Day she pointed her index finger at Seth Lance, pointed! It is adorable. She will ET (like the movie) her finger if you extend an index finger to her! Josie can clap, play peek-a-boo, and amuse herself with toys. She loves food, which is ironic considering her tiny size. Recently, she started chewing her baby food so is now eating soft finger foods once in a while. She can gnaw on a roll, gum down crackers, and loves soft noodles. She must be teething because that one index finger is constantly in her mouth. Still no teeth.

She got a flu shot and another shot for some reason (scheduling) during her 9 mth visit. She weighed in at 14 lbs 10 oz, in the 4th percentile. She is 26.5 inches long, in the 13.6th percentile. We decided to add butter to her food, formula to her cereal, and amp up her calories to help her gain a bit of weight. Dr Shaw also wanted to try her on Previcid, dissolvable tablet. Yah, no, it cost over $450 for a month.