17 July 2009

Summer Days

Mia and I are enjoying two-three trips to the pool each week. We usually go after her nap (if she takes one) for an hour of splashing. Yesterday she had the baby pool to herself for 10 minutes. She was in heaven. Amelia is NOT a fan of splashing, so spends most of her time wiping water off her face. She is a funny little duck! Her new trick is simply to sit down in the deeper end and keep her head above water. She also loves to hold her sunglasses...not wear them. Once she tires of the baby pool we take a spin in the big pool. The water is still very cold so we don't last long. I found an inner tube floatie suit she wears in the big pool. She loves to kick and go backwards. Yesterday she actually kicked herself across the entire pool length! Way to go baby girl.

The sleeping issue is going better. She seems to do better with a bright constant night light and going to sleep with Mommy or Daddy on the floor. I made a temporary bed on the floor to sleep on during nap time and when she falls asleep. At least she is not waking up constantly at night. Our bedtime routine now went from a simple 10-20 minutes to 60-90 minutes. It is worth the time to get a full night of sleep.

Our house is no longer our house! Hooray! The relocation company closed on our property yesterday. It is strange to have so much cash in our account waiting for a new house down payment. I bet Justin is tempted to go out and buy the truck he really wants!!! LOL. We are planning on making another offer on the house from two weeks ago. This time I gathered bid information to present the seller so she can at least see how much money we are wanting to back off of the house price. Maybe she will be more receptive.