16 August 2015

First Day of School

Thursday arrived with excited kids ready for their new adventure. Shuttling kids to school this year will be more complex! Amelia goes to North, Phillip to Central, and Everett to Preschool. All three schools start at 8 am sharp. Makes it interesting! Phillip went to school from 8 until 11 on Thursday. He had some testing and introduction to school rules and such. Friday morning we met his new teacher, Mrs Hubbard, a first year kindergarten teacher! Should be a fun year.

Evelyn decided she no longer wants to wear her diapers. We are slowly working on some potty training with her. She won't keep undies or clothes on very long either! So if you happen to see a stark naked child running around my home, that is why. She recently showed an interest in babies. She carries around a doll, animal, shoe, discarded shirt, whatever wrapped in a towel of blanket, cooing sweet nothings to it. My favorite is when she sings Rock a Bye Baby and drops it. Wish us luck!!

Saturday after yard work was done we drove to Bridgeport Lake for an afternoon in the sun. I think we had out hottest day so far this year with temps hovering over 100 degrees. The lake water was back down to normal levels this time, with nasty flies all over the place. We loved playing with the kids as a family. I had a fun Senior Year session with a boy who restored a car with his dad. We had a fun time figuring out ways to capture him and his car.

Justin spoke in church today as our High Counselor speaker. His talk was pretty amazing! I even remember that he spoke on patience and the Lord's timing. That is amazing since I often miss half of church due to certain squirming children. I am continually amazed at the change that comes over Justin when he acts in behalf of the Stake. I hope you get a chance to hear him speak one day. His sense of humor and tone are just amazing. He even left the last page of his talk at home in a puddle of something sticky on the counter. He recovered quickly with his wit and handy tablet device. 

Impromptu trip for a baptism and birth

I woke up early Thursday morning and started packing backpacks and stuff to leave for Utah. I think Justin forgot our plan since he slept in until 10 am. LOL. We got it all packed, mostly waiting for a load of laundry to finish drying. The kids were sooooooooo excited to go see cousins. We pulled out of Sidney around 2:45 pm. I found a motel to stay in for the night. With all the traffic for Sturgis motorcycle rally finding a hotel was not easy. Justin stopped for dinner in Rawlins at the amazing Thai restaurant. Evelyn decided that eating in a highchair while standing up is the best form for her. Drives me crazy. After dinner the kids ran up and down the block to expend some energy. We arrived in Green River, WY ready for bed at 9 pm. Stink all my luck, since I booked the hotel for Green River, UT. Thankfully, hotels.com refunded the money after waiting on the phone for a long time. Justin found an opening at Little America a couple miles away. By 10 pm we were tucked in for the night with a screaming Evelyn. Everett was tucked into a little corner on the floor, content as a bug in a rug. Once again Evelyn woke us all up at 6:30 with her crying. We were out of there by 7:15 am. Justin wanted to stop at the Old Navy outlet for more shorts and pants. By 1 pm we were in North Salt Lake at Aunt Charity's home. We were greatly surprised to find Bruce there! He snuck in that morning to attend Grant's baptism the next day. Justin left to get some motorcycle boots and new gloves while Evelyn and I napped. I swear that man has more accessories than I do. Amelia and Reagan had a lovely time picking outfits and accessories to wear at Grant's baptism. Top of the list was using Amelia's hair chalk and picking coordinating outfits. Amelia got sand burn on her face when she crashed off the monkey bars at the park.

Grant's baptism was a really special event. I got to play the piano for his program. We enjoyed a lovely warm spirit in the room as Grant was baptized by his daddy. Grandpa gave a wonderful talk on the Gift of the HG. Evelyn decided that she wanted an apple sauce packet (aka baby crack) so threw a fit. I missed half of his talk. I love seeing young 8 year olds right after baptism. No person is ever as cute, pure, and delightful as a new 8 year old child. We converged at Melissa's home afterwards for a luncheon of sandwiches, salads, and dessert. The old folks talked and chatted while the kids disappeared to play outside and in the toy rooms.

We stayed at Charity's for church and stayed until Bruce and Diana came by. Justin and Phillip stayed to attend a family dinner with the Call family down in Draper. Amelia, Everett, Evelyn and I went to Grandma Debbie's for a Lance family dinner. I dropped off Amelia and Everett with veggies and a frozen lasagna, then drove around for an hour while Evelyn napped. She was a cranky monster most of the evening. Jana was at the dinner just hours before she left for her induction at Jordan River Hospital. She looked over done with baby Hannah still in residence. Joe and Kat showed up...Joe with the top of his thumb sliced off. He had a accident with an ax and a branch of hard wood. Court brought a fun blow-up house for the kids to play in. That was a huge hit with the kids. Evelyn caught some sort of bug or ate some past-its-prime apple sauce. She woke me up at 1:30 spewing barf. I cleaned her up and got her in bed with me and a towel. She messed that up as well an hour later. We cleaned up again then rested on the couch. I woke up with her nasty diaper resting on my nose at one point, her fingers gently probing my eyes and nostrils, and soft snufflings. That was a long night.

Monday we all spent on pins and needles as Jana's labor progressed. Mom texted me every so often when something changed. After a much needed nap we left to attend Emmaline's 3rd birthday party with all parties warned of Evelyn's germs. Courtenay of course had a cute party planned out for their neighborhood corner. The theme was a pet adoption party! So cute and easy. The kids picked out a stuffed animal, got some puppy chow, a dog bowl, a ball, ribbon, and made a pet tag. My kids jumped into the kiddy pool in their undies, Evelyn eventually removed her pants and diaper. By 6 pm Jana was at a 10 and 0 or -1...two hours later she was still at a 10 and -1. Oh my heavens, the torture. At least her epidural was working just fine! Baby Hannah finally arrived at 8:10 pm weighing in at 9 lbs 07 oz, 20 inches long. She is a cutie pie with lots of hair and fluffy cheeks.

Tuesday morning I went shopping with mom for trip home treats, movies, and a monkey for baby Hannah. We stopped to visit with Grandma B and my Uncle Dave. Amelia and Evelyn were with us while we visited. Each time I see Grandma I feel grateful since I never know if I will see her again in this life. We drove to visit with Jana, Rudy, and baby Hannah before lunch. I took some newborn photos of Hannah right there in the hospital on her recovery room floor. The kids loved holding their newest cousin. Jana looked great, especially after her long labor. We visited as long as possible before taking the kids in search of food. We met Miekka and kids at Chik-fil-a for lunch. We drove back to Mom's as quickly as possible and packed up the van before Dad arrived home from Saudi Arabia for a month's visit. I am so glad we got to see Dad before we made a mad dash back home. We took a family photo of those present. Dad seemed to enjoy all the kids stuffed into the living room. Justin was delighted when Penny voluntarily sat in his lap. Evelyn showed off her yoga moves and amazing flexibility. Soon we were giving out hugs and on our way home by 3 pm. We drove straight home, arriving back home at 1:30 am. Brutal.

Early Wednesday morning Phillip had his post-op meeting with Dr Massey. His surgery sites are about 90% healed up. After a long wait and another hearing test we learned that his hearing levels are back in the normal range. He still has a "flat" hearing range which means that some tones are hard to hear and easy for him to ignore. We are so glad his hearing loss is only 5% at this time. Wednesday night Amelia had her back to school open house at North Elementary. We got to meet Mrs Plant. She is close to retiring in the next 2 years or so. She seems nice, strict, and eager to teach! Amelia came home Thursday with a headache and complaining that Mrs Plant is not as animated as Mrs Belieu. We certainly lucked out with Mrs Belieu last year. She was the best ever.

Turning 38, August 5th 2015

Before I get to my birthday on Wednesday let me review the first two days of our week. Monday it was quite nice outside. I told the boys we would play at the park after we picked up Mia from a play date with Katelyn. As usual, I was running behind schedule so we only had 20 minutes to play at the park. Amelia tattled on Phillip as we pulled up that he made a mess with his applesauce. I handed him a wipe to clean up the mess. Soon the wipe was passed back up front completely full of applesauce. I made the kids get out and play. Oh man, he squeezed two full apple sauce packets on the back of Amelia's seat, his rain boots, rain coat, and the newly cleaned carpet...honorable mention goes to his window and seat pockets. Took about 20 wipes to clean up the mess. On one hand I was pretty annoyed with his bad decisions...on the other hand glad to finally get my Phillip boy back to feeling more normal. Amelia and I cut out a cute pink owl and a cute baby doll for Evelyn's birthday. We enjoyed sewing the dolls together. Amelia sewed about 85% of her owl together by herself. She even cut the pattern pieces out after I pinned the pattern to the fabric.

Tuesday morning I had my 12 week prenatal visit. Dr Shaw and I mostly visited about school and sports. We listened to baby number 5 and soon I was on my way after some blood drawings. I had a babysitter at home so did a little shopping on my own. He he he.

Wednesday morning Amelia woke up and gave me the pink owl we sewed together. She was so pleased about tricking me into sewing a gift up for myself. Wink. I was pleased with her enthusiasm. Justin and Jen (rubbish room lady) got me a new storage cabinet for the living room toys in a cool mustard color. The kids and I got up early to meet Gina and Megan for a day of hiking and exploring the Wild Cat Hills. It was super humid and hot by 9 am up there, the car thermometer read 95 degrees. Phew. The kids lasted about 25 minutes for a short hike along the overgrown nature trail. The kids spent the next hour playing in the visitor's center. Evelyn's favorite toy was a working phone that talked to her. Even Phillip seemed to have more energy than usual. We enjoyed a picnic lunch outside in the shade. We caravaned to Dairy Queen in Kimball for my yearly butterscotch cone. I still don't understand why our local DQ can't get butterscotch dip, all the other DQ's around us do! Still it is a 45 minute drive just for a cone. We arrived home in time for an afternoon at the swimming pool. We enjoyed the last day of the Sidney Pool. We stayed until a rainstorm closed the pool at 4:30. I requested a dinner at Sam and Louie's for pizza and salad. Justin brought home a pretty bouquet of yellow, green, and orange roses! I love me some flowers. After the kids went to bed Justin and I snuck out to see the new Mission Impossible movie. Kelly came over to sit while the kids slept. I enjoyed the movie with my sweetie. We came home to find Evelyn passed out on the couch with Kelly and Zane. Little stinker! Justin and I decided to make an impromptu trip to Utah while we were at the movie...leaving the next day.

Amelia finally got her teacher assignment in the mail. She will have a Mrs Plant for her 3rd grade teacher.