06 February 2013

Influenza A

We've been ever so sick around here the past 10 days or more. Amelia came down with the sickness first two Friday's ago. She missed three days of school and is on the mend. Everett got it next, then me, then Phillip last. Finally figured out we contracted Influenza A from either Amelia at school or from the dirty geese who poop all over the park. We did not get much done last week with all the whining, cuddling, and such. Friday Afternoon I started with a fever. The flu kept me flat on my back from Friday through Tuesday. I am finally able to stay upright longer than an hour today. Justin came home early Friday and then took half of Monday off, Tuesday and today off work to care for the kids. I am ever so grateful. He is taking really good care of me and the kids right now. Hopefully, tomorrow I can manage on my own. This has been then WORST sickness I've ever had....EVER. I am a pretty strong person even when sick, so to be flattened like this was difficult to the max. Phillip is getting better faster than I am.
Before we got the worst of the influenza we enjoyed some time at the gym, reading time at the library, and other games around the house. Phillip likes to trash his room on a regular basis. It reminds me of when Jana and I played House and McDonald's when we were girls. The game consists of dumping everything (and I mean everything) into the middle of the room and jump on the pile. I wish you could all experience a little Phillip. He is always full of silly sound effects. For example, putting on his shirt. He always makes a popping noise when his hands come out of the sleeves. His guitar noise is totally unique. He is like a walking one-man-band. Amelia is getting very excited for Valentines day. We ordered some special cards to hand out to her class. She also got to see a play last Friday at the High School. It was awesome!!