17 October 2010

Feelin' Like Autumn


This collage reminded me of a scene from Nacho Libre

Sister Encarnación: Where are your robes, Ignacio?
Nacho: They were... stinky. These are my recreational clothes.
Sister Encarnación: They look expensive.
Nacho: Thank you. I mean... they might have the appearance of riches, but beneath the clothes, we find a man... and beneath the man we find... his... nucleus.
Sister Encarnación: Nucleus?

The weather is finally turning the leaves gorgeous fall colors. We are still getting tomatoes, carrots, chard, peas, lettuce, spinach, and herbs, from our little garden due to the warmish weather. Wednesday the RS hosted a fun picnic at the park. I took Ella along to give Alison some time alone to clean and paint. The girls played for three hours at the park! The weather was perfection adding to the charm. Thursday I helped Alison clean her home in preparation of getting it on the market. Phillip cried nearly the entire time, clinging to my leg. Still, I wiped down all the baseboards and steamed the couch. I am so glad Alison FINALLY allowed folks to help her. Amelia and Ella played to their heart's content!

Friday afternoon I had a photoshoot scheduled. The kids came with me for the first little while. My clients were a little late showing up so I photographed my little ones for fun. Amelia cracks me up with her inventive posing. "Mom try taking a picture with me like this...or like that." Justin came and swapped cars with me so we could finish the session out in the country. I found a cool location with old wooden snow breakers, yellow trees, and the railroad in the distance.

Saturday we got up early and drove to Denver. The YW watched the kids at a nearby church down in Denver. I was so glad this was arranged because leaving Phillip for an extended period of time is not feasible. Leaving him for a couple hours was totally doable. Justin and I enjoyed a small, quiet session at the Denver Temple. Heaven! Phillip cried the first hour, following Amelia around like a little puppy. He did not cry as much the second hour. Phew! We had a nice lunch at the Corner Bakery then took the kids back to the temple. They loved the fountain and all the pretty flowers. I tried to make a quick stop at JoAnn's for some fabric but the cutting table waiting line took about an hour. I think we arrived home after 8 pm. With all the dedicated driving I crocheted six and a half hats! That was awesome.

Sunday is not my favorite day of the week. I hate to admit this. Focusing and paying attention in church is really difficult with small kids. Phillip constantly tried to escape, Amelia would not sit still, and finally Phillip spit up nasty stuff all over himself and Justin. Missing nap time is no fun. I get more out of reading my scriptures and the Ensign then church most days. Still the spirit comes in small ways, like a particular song in Primary or a testimony. The snatches of cognizance in church keep me going. It will get better as we teach our kids but time is the key. Justin had a meeting in Cheyenne this evening so was gone from 3 until 9. While wrestling with Phillip I noticed he sprouted two more top teeth! Four on top and two on bottom! Way to go little buddy. He also learned how to do "Shhhhh," though he nearly sticks his finger up his nose with the effort. I can't wait to finish some orders so I can get Amelia's Halloween costume finished. It will be cute and functional.