02 March 2014

Evelyn 6 Months Old

Oh Miss Evelyn. Oh my. Six months already? Stop it now! I want to freeze her at this stage for a little while longer. I love her serious faces, when she sucks on her tongue, her silly singing expressions, and her smiles. She is a snugly baby, loves to snuggle into my neck and go limp for a few seconds. Just last week she started sitting up unaided, it was so sudden! One day limp as a noodle, the next sitting tall like a big girl. She only sits for a few seconds when I let her. Most of the time she prefers to lay down on her back and admire her pretty socks or toes. When I stand her up she usually doubles over to check out her feet. Earlier this week I was changing her diaper and shaking my head no to something Phillip was asking. I noticed the little monkey was also shaking her head no like me. Since then she developed a whole body "no, no" shake. It is adorable. She blows raspberries and rolls her tongue like an experienced Spanish speaker. She loves to eat apples, pears, and sweet potatoes so far, HATES rice cereal. Her little rolls are so endearing and tempting to kiss. Her favorite toys are a crinkly butterfly, her baby doll, and a ball rattle toy. Her response time grabbing items is quite fast this month. She is earning the title of grabby hands and probe hands.

Dr Shaw weighed her in at 15 lbs 1 oz, right at the 25th percentile for weight. She is 26" long, in the 48th percentile. I think she is gearing up for a growth spurt, at least weight wise. Now that she is eating solids I expect some more chubbies to show up.

Stinky Piggy Pies

My kids were funny this week. Or maybe I wasn't as tired as usual so enjoyed them more? Seems like I had a silly story to share each day when Justin came home for lunch or dinner. Our plans to visit the temple were foiled again by the weather. An arctic vortex decided to situate right over our area. Temperatures hovered around a balmy Zero degrees. It is hard to imagine the "feels like" temperature of -12, come to Nebraska and try it out for yourself.

I enjoyed spending time this week taking photos of my beautiful Evelyn for her 6 mth birthday. She is growing way too fast. Saturday I took photos on a turquoise paper and brown set up. Monday on a green paper backdrop. Wednesday on a cream blanket. I really wanted some sleep shots. Those took about 2 hours to finally get. The strobes were too much for her so I pulled out my constant lights and used those. She gave me about 4 minutes! 

Monday morning and again Tuesday evening I taught make up photography classes. I am offering make up classes this Tuesday again. The first two classes are the technical ones. Everett quietly played legos for 90 minutes while I taught the second class. The lady was amazed at how quietly he played. Me too. Elliott came over again this week while Jenny went to class and did homework. He is 8 months old and nearly walking. I am so glad my kids were all later walkers. He was much happier this week! 

Evelyn turned 6 months old on Thursday. She had her well-baby at 8:10 am. Justin helped me get all the kids ready. It is a feat of the greatest degree to get the kids ready to go by 8. Evelyn showed off her skills in the first 2 minutes of her visit, except for blowing raspberries. Dr Shaw mentioned this as she undressed her. Evelyn then decided that Dr Shaw's hands were too cold and blew raspberries to show her discontent. She is absolutely perfect! The boys each ate two doughnut logs after the Dr. I was impressed...and a little sad. I was hoping for a bite. Sigh, probably best they ate all 4 doughnuts.

Class this week was on Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. Essentially, the class was on the exposure triangle and how to manipulate your camera to achieve the results YOU want. The class went smoothly this week. I think everyone enjoyed it! I know I did. Justin deserves a medal for taking all the kids again.

We huddled down Friday while the arctic vortex whistled through town. Boredom crashed our party before noon on Saturday. We decided to drive to Sterling for the heck of it. We enjoyed our favorite restaurant, Santiago's for lunch. Went to Walgreens and scored lots of Shea Lotion Olive and Marula baby lotion (the most heavenly lotion and scent ever). Then we went loco again and took the kids to Walmart for our food shopping. 

Some funnies of the week:
Everett to Phillip: Phillip...you a lollipop!
Phillip crying: Noooooo, I no have a stick.

Phillip as he jumped out of the van and onto a slick patch of ice: Oh Man! I got my drunk shoes on today! Stinky piggy pies! **Later he told me he was saying strong shoes, not drunk shoes. 

The kids were playing dino puppies. Amelia said, "Phillip you are named Dino. I am named Dino-rea!" She never realized why I was laughing so hard.