05 August 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! I'm 31

Last year when I turned 30 Justin reminded me that at least I still had my hair. What a funny guy!

This year I am thinking, "horray, I have the best husband, the coolest daughter, plus...I have my hair and some sweet cycling shoes!" Life could not get better!

Justin wanted to get me something I would not get for myself. We went to REI and found some schweet road bike shoes. I am very excited to see how the shoes will improve my biking performance.

Justin and I had lunch with my yearly FREE coupon from Noodles and Company (see picture above). How come free always tastes better? Must be the Baerwaldt blood in my genes.

Amelia and I went over to the Lance's around 4:30. Amelia was super-duper cranky and acting like a cling-on. Once Justin showed up she took a chill pill. Miekka (and James) cooked up the yummiest birthday meal of shrimp scampi, braised broccoli, and bread. My birthday cake was to DIE for: an angel food cake with lemon cream filling and strawberry glaze. Holy Smokes...it was good. I am craving another 12 inch slice that would last me another year or so. Jana, Joe, and Courtenay all came over for dinner. Courtenay got me a teal scrapbooking tote. Can't wait to use it. Jana pampered me with lotions, nail polish, and sundry beauty products. Best of all was a phone call from the Jordan Lances. They sang "Wappy Berfday" with gusto. Can't wait for my next birthday!