11 September 2018

Evelyn is 5

A year is a long time to wait, birthdays seem to drag along when you're 4 waiting to be 5. I'm happy to report, Evelyn finally turned 5. The kids all get one pinata from us, this was Evelyn's pinata year. She could not wait to choose a pinata and treats to fill it up with. She planned her guest list several months ago. Her cake was going to be another doll cake with pink dress frosting. Her newest guest was Isla, her new bestie. Isla's sister is Amelia's bestie so we plan group play dates as often as possible.

Portrait of Evelyn at 5: this girl is determined. She is strong willed, smart, stubborn, loud, crude, silly, sweet, angry, thoughtful, button-pusher, etc. We joke that she is full of piss and vinegar, the joke's on us. Her nicknames provide further insight: Ra's al Ghul (chief demon) from the Arrow series, Sweetie, Cuckoo Loca, Stinker, and Evie Poo Poo.

At school she is a model student, if anything on the reserved/shy side of things. At home Rage against the Machine. I'm glad she is well-behaved in public, that gives her major points. We love seeing her grow and develop. Evelyn loves to play Barbie, doctor, and dress ups. She is often seen walking around listening to music. Her playlist is pretty funny. She started putting her shoes on the right feet, but tricks me when putting them on by placing the wrong shoe sides together then crossing her feet when putting on her shoes. She totally gets jokes, of all my kids she has the best understanding of jokes. We love her lopsided grin, those missing teeth make her smile unique. She is little miss independent until she does not want to be, at which point she melts into a crying pile on the floor. I adore her random hugs and kisses. I adore reading her books and playing games. She is one heck of a kid.

**well-child update 17 Sept 2018: 40 lbs (51.4%); 40.5 inches (13.3%). Did not cry during her shots but she did hide under my chair until it was her turn to see Dr Auxier. Met all milestones!