08 January 2009

V-Day Outfits

Catherine came over last night for an evening of making seasonal shirts for our girls. We mainly focused on Valentine's Day. She was super fast and completed 5 shirts while I barely scraped together two. I spent another hour today sewing and embellishing these two cutie patootie outfits. Luck of all luck, I found the heart pants at the DI...for $2! Yes! Catherine hurried over this evening to help me figure out how to finish the "Bee Mine" shirt. I had artist's block, actually a VERY NASTY headcold. Yikes! Amelia decided to wake up 7 times last night too. I feel pretty miserable. The normal medicinal routine (sudafed, nyquil, ibuprophen, etc) is not working very well this time through.

I was craving Cafe Rio this afternoon; since we will shortly be Cafe Rio-less I indulged my craving. As we stood in line for lunch, the cooks yelled "Extra Meat" or "Extra Cheese" when someone orded extra this or that. Well, Miss Amelia loves cheese! She caught on to the enthusisam after the first yell. There after she merrily, chirped in " ex Cheese!!" with gusto. The workers were so enthralled they gave her quesidilla free. LOL! Awesome.

A family came by to view our home this afternoon. My agent called 10 mintues before they arrived. Much to my embarrassment my house was a disaster area, complete with girly treats all over the bathroom (Amelia thinks tampons are really fun to play with, yuck), dirty laundry, and general clutter. At least my house is not dirty, just clutterly. I need a maid. Yesterday I wanted to clean my fridge but couldn't stand the thought of throwing away leftover food. My cold made me feel sick to my stomach. Hopefully, this weekend more people will come by now that the holidays are over with. I loyally promise to hide the girly treats and make sure the laundry is stuffed away. Wish me luck...........