29 May 2019

Everett is 8

Everett! Oh how many words can I say about this beautiful soul? He came into this world a fighter. He had to fight for his space as middle child. He had to fight for his life from day one, Phillip was a lover of Everett too. Everett has grown so much this year. His soul burns bright, he is so ready to be baptized. He knows right from wrong and gives his all to help the underdog and ensure justice is served and mercy given. He is the best helper in our family. He'll drop it all at a beck to help carry, clean, or listen. This year I quite enjoyed watching his love of piano grow. He really loves to practice the songs until each one becomes his new favorite. Like all kids he has his moments, but often all he needs is a hug and some time alone.

Everett loves, loves, loves to read books. He's even read the first two books in the Book of Mormon! This kid has a talent, he can make sound effects and live in his own secret world protecting the universe from evil. Anything can become a portal, weapon, or warp into something else. Earlier this year I caught him writhing between two hoses. I asked what was going on, "Oh nothing mom, I'm just escaping from a black hole, the hoses are time portals." Well, that's exactly what I was thinking. He is my fair guy, things need to be fair in his world. He could be a justice keeper. We love those sparking brown eyes and polished smile. What a kid. Can't wait for June 8th!

**Well-child stats (taken in August) 59 lbs (57%) and 50.25 inches (42.5%)