23 October 2008

Shopping with the girls

This morning we wanted to get out and do something cool here in Amman. We didn't want to see anything Justin would want to see so we went...hold your wallets...SHOPPING! Mom took us to this cool hardware store that sold hardware plus everything else. I even saw cute shoes, toothpaste, and paper in the same aisle. Then we went to a thrift store, New to You, where the Royalty sends their cast off clothing, shoes, and accessories. Most of the clothes were appropriately worn back in the 80's, but still fun to shudder at the "Pretty in Pink" style gowns and coats. We ran home for some lunch and a nap for mom, then back on the streets.

Our next stop was the Sweifieh shopping district. It cannot be classified as a bazaar because the prices are set and it is OK to browse! We started off at a fun stationary shop, then found a fun crafty store selling ribbons, jewelry charms, flowers, beads, etc. We even found hand crocheted booties for $2.25 per pair at this shop. Courtenay found a store selling luggage, sunglasses, hair accessories, and scarves. She pick out two cool scarves for her living room. Amelia thought the sunglasses rack was totally rockin'. The owner placed a mirror in front of her face once she had the glasses on. Her reaction was absolutely delightful: she squealed in delight, did a little dance, and giggled at the silly girl wearing green glasses. The owner wore an expression of delighted glee. He ended up giving her the little glasses for the price of her laughter. The Arab people sure do love little children. Everywhere we go someone brushes her soft cheeks, gives her a hug, or tries to give her some trinket or another. Next we visited several shoe stores. I was sorely tempted by some Converse shoes and green ballet flats. Too bad my feet are so wide. Lastly, our noses led us to a chocolatier's store. We sampled several types and carried out half a kilo of sumptuous treats. Amelia smeared the chocolate where ever there was clean cloth to muss up.