18 February 2010

Valentine's Day

Justin left for Canada early Sunday morning. He carpooled with a couple other Cabela's employees to the airport. I have not heard much from him all week since my computer crashed and we can't really talk on the phone due to foreign country fees.

Catherine said that Kate woke up Sunday morning ruminating over if she was really awake or dreaming. The room the girls slept in is has no windows. She is a funny little character. Catherine and Jeff watched Phillip most of first and part of second hour while I was in Primary. That was really nice! We had a relaxing afternoon taking naps and such. Jeff made dinner for all the ladies. He made butternut squash ravioli's topped with a sage butter cream sauce, cranberries, and walnuts. Delish!

 (yes my SON wears tights...they are warm, stay on, and I have a ton from when Amelia was tiny)

After dinner we helped the girls make sugar cookies. They got a little messy! I was nearly laughing over Jeff's reaction to the girls getting flour everywhere. He had to leave the room. In the meantime I was enjoying the chaos taking tons of cute pictures. Fortunately he missed the messiest part of frosting the cookies and the infamous sprinkles. Just let it be noted that Kate and Amelia took a second bath in one day. My cousin requested my recipe for my frosting. Hummm, it is sooo good:

1 package of softened cream cheese
8 oz of ultra heavy whipping cream
1/2  to 1 cup powdered sugar (I used a sugar subsitute)
vanilla or your favorite flavoring

Whip the cream and half the sugar with cold beaters and bowl. Whip the cream cheese in a separate bowl, add to whipped cream. Add remaining sugar and extract. Dip your finger in the concoction several times until it tastes divine, then a couple more times to enjoy. You may need to add sugar. I tend to use more or less sugar depending on what the frosting will cover.

I finished crocheting a uber cute hat for Phillip and showed Catherine how to make a rolled fabric rose. We stayed up late chatting and enjoying the last moments of our visit. The next morning the Taylor's left by 9:30. All day Amelia wandered around asking for her "Kate Friend." It was super quiet without the Taylor's and Justin to liven up our home.

The rest of our week was low key. I accidentally downloaded an internet file that contained a nasty virus, Tuesday it completely shut down my computer, recycling me to the log-in page. Thanks to Nicole, from my ward, she helped me at least access my desktop. All my files are scattered and/or partially corrputed. Now comes the fun task of reinstalling all the programs we use and restoring digital order. In all honesty I was a little grateful for the forced hiatus. Now I feel behind on my journaling, photo editing, etc, but also refreshed.

Tuesday I had a fun little photoshoot with Gavin and Romaine. They are the boyz in the family I photographed a couple weeks ago with the gorgeous girls. While my computer was down I also crocheted a couple more hats, one for me and another for Phillip. Sewed a couple spring shirts for Mia. Tended three toddlers yesterday and today. Made more Montessori based activities. Et Cetera. I am planning a fun post soon with fun toddler activities using common household items.