01 January 2013

Eight Years

I am so excited to have the supplies to start updating our kitchen. We drove up to Scottsbluff on Saturday to shop at Menards. They have a kit by Rustolem for painting cabinets without sanding off the finish. I chose a cream color for the cabinets. Now to get the initiative to get the work done! While we were in a bigger city Justin took us all out for Chinese food. The kids made a huge mess with the rice. I was {almost} embarrassed. I love the view of Chimney Rock on the drive home, this time it was covered with snow and ice. Very pretty.
Sunday we celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe 8 years passed by already! Took us three years to have Amelia, a time period that seemed never ending. Now we are blessed with 3 kids and a meaningful marriage. What more can I ask for? Since we did not have a magnificent Christmas dinner I made one for our anniversary. Amelia was stoked to help make a menu, set the table, and serve the dishes. The best part was eating our meal by candle light. Amelia wanted spgede and ris for dinner (spaghetti and rice). instead we dined on roasted rainbow carrots and brussels sprouts with a vinegar glaze, asiago cheese mashed potatoes, and ham. For dessert Amelia wanted to serve pudding with chocolate chips, kinda gross, but that is what the kids ate. I enjoyed sitting NEXT to Justin for dinner. Everett tried to share bites of his meal with me, Phillip made a mashed potato sculpture, and Amelia talked and talked. It was heaven.
New Years Eve was just another old day, so was New Years Day. I guess we are just old farts! Nah, tired parents. We were asleep way before the New Year rang in. Our kids have no idea that New Years is a holiday. Maybe when the kids get old enough to play games we will celebrate. Instead I made two cute ruffle bum onesie outfits for two new little girls in our ward. My last photoshoot was little Marley. She was a feisty little girl. Her dad is an avid hunter so I made her a cute little deer hat for her first model experience. She was so feisty that Marley came back this morning for part II. She just wanted to have a binky but her Mom does not believe in binkies. Ah! I remembered being a first time mom. The funny things we do and believe. I gave Marley a binky this morning just to get her through the photoshoot. She calmed right down and performed like a champ. The kids helped me take down the Christmas tree and decorations around lunch time. Sad to see it go this year. My dad got a new TRUCK the other day. He finally got his wish for a huge disel truck worthy of a farm rancher. Go Dad! You deserve it.