27 May 2012

The Real Beach


Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing day sleeping in a bit, eating breakfast, feeding the birds, and packing up a bit. The Lances checked out of the hotel. We all met at Rodondo Beach Pier. James wanted to visit a Kite and Yo-yo shop. The shop also had cheap buckets and sand toys. We picked up two sets and then walked to the beach. It was a perfectly clear and sunny day, could not have picked a better day. The water of course was cold, only Amelia got more than her feet wet. We played with the cousins for a while. Jacob looked spectacular in his undies with his long legs. Everett tasted quite a bit of sand. Yum. Amelia froze her tooshie off. She whined for 20 minutes straight. Grrrr. James, Miekka, and crew left for a long drive home. I think they arrived home around 2-3 am. We stayed at the beach and played until I could not stand the whining. Amelia perked up once we started collecting shells. Phillip loved the waves chasing him up and down the beach. He also tried to befriend several seagulls. I really miss the beach. We walked back to the pier for some fattening wharf food. The kids dribbled ice cream down their chests while we walked back to the car. All the kids...and I...passed out as Justin took a long circuitous route back to the hotel along the sea board.  

The kids and I enjoyed some pool swimming while Justin napped back at the hotel. We walked to Downtown Disney for the heck of it. Prom night high schoolers had the area jammed packed. The Lego store was pretty awesome. Amelia and Phillip loved the outdoor area set up with tables and legos to play with. All the restaurants had an hour wait for dinner so we walked back out and ate at McDonalds. Amelia got a fancy Happy Meal toy that played a song from Victorious. The end of the song says "Freak the freak out! Hey!" Amelia heard it as "Fleackt, the fleackt out, hey!" The mispronunciation seemed a funny ending to our trip. We watched the fireworks show from our hotel balcony before turning in for the night. As we drove to the airport both Amelia and Phillip had their hands in the air and screaming like they would on a roller coaster. Silly geese. On our drive home we ran into a storm cell in between Sterling, CO and Sidney. Hail, wind, rain, and a rainbow followed us for a good 20 minutes. Welcome to Nebraska! We stopped at 7:30 beside the road to get a glimpse of the lunar eclispe. We used a piece of cardboard with a pin hole reflected onto one of my crochet patterns. That was fun!

It was absolute heaven to be home. The kids had post trip melt downs an hour after being home. They went to sleep and slept in until after 9:30 the next day. Heaven. I did the laundry and packed and repacked our bags for the next adventure; this time in Bountiful, Utah. Tuesday my friend Kelly took Everett's year photos. By the end of Tuesday the van was packed and ready to make the trek across Wyoming. So glad we could be home a couple days. So glad we can now help out our family.