15 April 2010

Random Photos

These few images made me smile today. Grandma Debbie surprised Amelia with Cinderella shoes and hair. The wig was a bit small, fitting Phillip perfectly! Amelia saw Jared-o using chopsticks to eat his salad, she picked a pair up and used them properly the first time. She ate nearly her entire meal with chopsticks. Ah, bare feet and scrunched leggings! Tis the season! Phillip got a lot of new tastings while Grandma was here. She let him taste Cheetos, Chinese food, table food, and bread. He was in heaven! I make baby food for him but Mom showed me how to just prepare our meals fit for an infant. He was delighted with blended veggies and pasta. I've made him one item meals (like pears, apples, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, etc) and have not really combined tastes much.

Pleat Happy

Here are two skirts I sewed in the past week. Pleats are stinkin' cute and time consuming. I am not so sure what to think about the pear shirt. The design is not exactly what I had in mind. A couple weeks ago I bought a cute skirt at Salvation Army with the intent to resize it for Mia. Took me three weeks to decide for sure what to do with it. The result is a longer skirt with a fun pocket to store rocks in. Yesterday I added a ruffle to Mia's peasant dress from last year to extend the length, with coordinating yellow ribbon it looks awesome. Next on my agenda are shorts for Phillip and more shirts for both kids.