07 July 2015

The 4th with the Curries

Family is perfect chaos. I love our family so much. Living across the drudges of a Wyoming and Nebraska drive, in a small town with no attractions (except us) makes visits far and few in between. With all the uproar with US Supreme Court ruling in favor of "marriage equality" the end of June, traditional family units are in even more trouble. Since the ruling gay marriage is legal, pedophiles are clamoring for rights, polygamists filing for marriage licenses, and all other fodder for strange units are coming forward wanting equal marriage rights. Our trip came at a time that made traditional families feel even more special and amazing. The Curries are the epitome of love and rolling with the punches. Our family of six rolled right into their family of 8 with no problems. Our kids numbered 6+4=6, it seemed the kids melded with those of their same ages. Zander kept Phillip and Everett busy and in constant imaginative mode with games of Power Ranger Dinos. Mia and Sadie were bonded at the hip. Amelia says the best part was becoming a sparkle girl (putting on copious amounts of sparkling bronzer) with Sadie. Cassie and Heidi kept Evelyn amused and busy. Even their dogs were part of the happy, busy group.

We rolled in mid-Friday afternoon. Elaine suggested a visit to Windsor Lake for sand and water fun. Course, I had to leave something at home. This trip it was the swim bag with towels, Mia's swim suit, swim diapers, and my extra shorts. Grrrr. We scored more floaties to add to our burgeoning collection. Amelia got a cool mermaid's tail on the sand. The kids played at the park while drying off. Sean had pizza waiting for the kids when we got home. The adults got to go on a double date! The girls took care of all the kids and even got Evelyn to bed. We first visited a little farm the Curries are taking care of while the owners are on vacation. Justin and I got to snuggle tiny bunnies. We enjoyed a delicious Thai dinner over lots of fun conversation. Sean introduced us to Tom+Chee, a grilled cheese sandwich joint that also serves grilled doughnut desserts. Yum, yeah. The doughnuts were amazing. Everett and Phillip did not go to bed quietly. Everett was still awake at 11:30. He finally fell asleep after 11:45. Evelyn woke up every 30 minutes until 4 am. I heard footsteps running around the house at 3:30, it was Phillip looking for me. Amelia came to tell me she could not sleep at 4:30. I think we got about 2 hours of sleep. Sometimes traveling with kids is a bit challenging. I snuck in an hour nap before all the 4th of July festivities. Justin, Evelyn, and I went to Walmart for chips, fruit salad, potato salad, and drinks for the party. Amelia and Sadie painted my toenails red and blue once we got back to the Curries!

We headed to the Fraser's home for the afternoon. They have 5 large dogs, none of which intimidated little Evelyn. She bossed those dogs around like a champ. The kids all went swimming for a good while. After swimming everyone snacked on chips, salsa, dip, fruit, drinks, and dessert. Elaine's dad grilled up lots of meat for the assembled crew. We finally ate some dinner to fill in the holes left by snacking. Amelia got to ride a horse named Keeper with his buddy Chance keeping a close watch. Naomi led Amelia and Sadie around the ring 8-10 times. The boys seemed to disappear watching movies, and doing boy things. Just as Michael got out some fireworks rain started to come down, he continued with his fun show. Evelyn enjoyed pouring cups of juice together. We headed back to the Curries around 8 pm. Elaine volunteered to stay with Evelyn and put her to bed early. The rest of us, minus Zander, went to watch fireworks at Windsor Lake. The best part was running and playing on the lawn before the show. The show was pretty amazing.

Sunday we enjoyed attending church with the Curries. Evelyn decided to nap on my chest after church. Every time, I moved her little pig-tailed head would jerk up and she would murmur, "mama?" Needless to say I got a good nap as well. Sean grilled up lots of meat for dinner. Elaine tossed up a yummy salad with fresh greens. Cassie ate an entire steak by herself. That girl can pack away the food! I was impressed. All the kids were sad to leave, especially Amelia. She and Sadie had the best time. We cannot wait to go back! Thanks Curries for the fun vacation. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays ever. Nothing better than celebrating our freedom and life in America. We are so blessed.