29 June 2012

Returning Home


Monday we spent most of the day with Mom and the boys. Jared and his friend, Peter, got quite the work out entertaining my kids. I spent most of the morning organizing and packing the van for our trip home. Miekka and kids came over for a while to play and visit. The kids and I had Cafe Rio with Alan, Melinda, and their son. Alan and I were hired at DWS the same time. We went through quite a bit during our journey at work. He is amazing! There was so much to chat about that dinner went by way to fast. I hurried back to Mom's to take some missionary photos of soon to be Elder Jeremy Lance. He looked the part: handsome and ready to serve! The kids and I said good bye then headed to the airport to pick up Grandma Call. Her flight was 90 minutes late so we just kept driving to Charity's home. Kenny picked up Grandma from the airport while I put my cranky kids to bed.

Tuesday was a blur of activity with cousins playing. It was nice to visit with Grandma Diana. The kids showed off all their amazing skills. Amelia even massaged Grandma's back and feet. Libby with shopping with me to Home Goods, Michaels, and Emergency Essentials for last minute stuff. We ordered pizza for dinner. I reserved a hotel in Rock Springs for that night. Right before leaving I decided to take some photos of Reagan and Mason. Mason actually let me! That was momentous. I drove off into the sunset at 6:20 pm. The drive to Rock Springs was totally uneventful as planned.

Everett would not settle down with us to sleep. I put him on the floor after he wiggled for 30 minutes. Around midnight I found him under the bed, at 3 am he was sunggled inside the end table. Ah! The joys of locomotion. Right after breakfast we met with Laurie Mason's daughter-in-law, Jennifer, and her son Lincoln (7 mths). It was stinkin' cold outside. We drove to a park and I took some cute photos of little Lincoln. His daddy is a hunter so the deer hat and camo set up was pretty funny.

We left Rock Springs at 9:45 am. It still took us until 5:20 pm to get back to Sidney. Everett, Phillip, and I had a nasty bout of intestinal issues. I had to stop and change diapers about every 30-60 minutes. Justin arrived home from work right behind us. Took the kids a second to react but once they did Justin got a huge welcome home. Within moments the house was a tangled clutter of stuff, toys, and joy over being HOME. Justin played with the kids most of the evening while I unpacked and such. I am proud to say most everything was unpacked and finished before bedtime.

Neleigh came over to watch the kids Wednesday while I fininshed unpacking and organizing. Justin had a company picnic at noon that we went to. Amelia can walk a balance beam very well! Two new accountants joined the team with in the last couple weeks. Both are LDS and fresh out of school. We visited with one family at the picnic.

Everett decided to mostly wean himself. He gained about 2 pounds in the last week or so drinking whole milk. I love seeing him on the ground sucking away until the last drop is gone...my favorite...the sigh when he finishes. Dang. The best part is wearing normal tops instead of the nursing ones. I HATE the nursing tops with a passion.  

Room Switch (again)


Before we arrived home I had Justin switch the cribs. Everett and Mia are together and Phillip is alone. Justin took the rails off one side. I found a Cars themed toddler bed set for Phillip's "new" bed. I was super worried he would just refuse to go to sleep and play the open/shut the bedroom door game. The first night and since he's only opened his door once or twice. He loves his new bed and having his own room. Amelia loves sharing with the "cuter" brother. The second night home Everett started crying around 11:30 pm. I found Amelia in the crib with her pillow pet, quilt, and three animals. She said Everett was happy and wanted company. He was squashed at the end with her feet in his stomach. After consequences for getting in Everett's crib were set no more issues! I moved the closets yesterday night since Phillip was having a cow over his stuff residing in Amelia's room.

Saturday Ella came to spend the day with us. It worked out perfectly since her family was off for the day at Cub Scout day camp. It was hot, hoT, hOT, HOT. The girls wanted to have a lemonade stand. This time they earned about $10 total! While they played outside I played inside. A new little baby girl came to visit. She was quite the smiley girl and ever so relaxed. That afternoon Everett pulled himself up to standing while I put away groceries. Ironically, he was exploring the refrigerator and pulled himself up to empty the vegetable drawer. He is so fast scooting around. He flips and flops, gets on his knees, and scoots. Changing his diaper is not so fun. The octopus stage has commenced. He can say quite a few words now. Kitty is my favorite. His favorite binky is a kitty! He can say all-done, uh-oh, good job, sunbeam (un-eeeem!), 1-2-3 go, good bye, milk, etc.

While we were gone Justin only had three duties (said Nacho Libre style). Watering/yard duty, shelving my food storage duty (not so fun), and crib changing duty. He failed miserably at watering duty. My indoor plants were all dead or close, the porch plants scorched to ashes, and weeds sprouting out of every crevice. He did put wood between the food storage buckets to prevent lid damage. The rest of the storage room was a disaster...as it still is this day. We need more buckets and Walmart is never stocked, I cannot bring myself to pay shipping on that many buckets. I waged war on the outside areas. I weeded the vegetable garden, dug up about a million weeds in the front, then mulched the front garden. I've meant to upgrade the front garden for years now. Check. Done. It looks MUCH better. When I got home some of the weeds were taller than Amelia.

We are beating this hot summer with days at the pool, playing with the hose, splashing in the pool at home, eating mounds of popsicles, and playing inside. Monday night I made Great-Grandma's lemon ice cream in the ice cream maker John/Courtenay & James/Miekka gifted me. The next day I added fresh raspberries for ice cream that was over the top delish. Sidney reached an all time high for this time of year on Tuesday with a nasty 111 plus humidity. Yuck-o. I rarely sweat but broke into a major sweat bath yesterday grooming my garden areas. Finally all my tomatoes are staked, the carrot tops tied to prevent shading the neighboring plants, and more weeding. 
My good friend, Kelly, had her baby while I was in Utah. They named her Stella Louise. Love it. I've helped her photography Stella about 6 times already. We are cramming in as many ideas as possible. My favorite was the session we took of Stella in a moses basket IN A POND. We used her parent's Koi pond for the idea. It took us 40 minutes to get Stella settled, posed, and such. The pose only lasted about 5 seconds but Kelly got the shot. Can't wait to share some the images. I stood in the pond with my rain boots on getting everything set. Later I had to jump back in to get Stella's lost binky...in the pond. My second favorite was a strawberry themed shoot. So adorable. Thanks to Justin for letting me have some free time to play.