30 June 2019

Weekend Get-Away

I finished the mountain of laundry Tuesday evening. Phew! So many towels, sheets, pillow cases, swim suits, etc. It was up to the kids to get their clothes neatly put away in drawers or hung up by Wednesday night. I always feel like a champ once the last piles are folded and ready, no matter that the rest of our house looks like a clutter fest. Small victories, am I right?

Josie had Amelia walk her around the block like a dog. She had a leash secured around her waist, a rainbow hat, pink shoes, water bottle, and snacks ready to make the journey in 100 degree heat. Amelia would pop her a snack every once in a while! Evelyn went along for moral support. Mia made the girls colored milk, pink was the best according to Josie. Evelyn was quite intent on going roller skating, we headed out at 3 pm for a couple hours of fun. We turned right around when google maps showed me it was closed until 5:30. Bummer! The kids pulled out the slip and slide for entertainment instead. Jacob wore a hair cap to preserve his purple hair! That kid is classic. Amelia really wanted to swim but let her fears get in the way, it's hard to know when swimming is possible and not that first summer of growing up a little bit more. I want to get her a period proof swimsuit, yes, those are now available. The rest of the kids enjoyed some time in Warren and Ranae's pool. Justin came home and discovered a leak in our pool! Yikes. He was all in a huff getting that resolved. He blew his top when he found his sanuk shoes dripping wet. I told Amelia to wear them for convenience's sake. Big mistake. He went to Home Depot instead of participating in FHE. We all had a round of apologies once he came back. We settled it all over fresh peach ice cream shakes. Josie and Evelyn got new fancy dress ups this week. Josie is totally living in her Cinderella dress. Evelyn is in heaven with a Greamest Showman (spelled how she pronounces it) dress. Josie insists on matching her dress with size 10 Cinderella shoes, three times her regular size. Makes us all laugh to watch her totter about in her new get up. Amelia made snickerdoodle cookies all by herself! I did help shape and sugar the dough before baking. We took over a plate of cookies to welcome the Darveau family to Gilbert. They moved here on Saturday from Sidney! Amelia and Janea spent many years in school together and share lots of mutual friends. We are quite excited to have them just a mile or two away.

Tuesday we made it to the skating rink! We stayed for 4 hours of exercise and arcade fun. Josie even joined in the fun with our kid skates. I seriously look up to folks who man the arcade prize counter. The amount of time it takes kids to decide on cheap toys and candy drives me nuts.  Evelyn improved quite a bit on her three-wheeled skates, not in-line, but a normal skate hybrid. We came home and played on the slip n'slide again. It was hot! I made quick Korean tacos for dinner. Pack meeting this month was a pool party. I was the only mom in the water, I did have two sinker-swimmers who hate floaties. I actually felt cold getting out of the pool, my skirted suit was freezing cold.

Wednesday was our water day. Instead of searching out a new pool we were home bound due to 6 extra kids playing at our house. We had Chloe and Ronald, Isla, Jacob, and Janea and Kirsten! The kids settled on playing in the pool. I'm happy we did not have to go anywhere, gave me a chance to catch up on a bit of editing and cleaning.

I used our pogo passes to get us into the I.D.E.A museum for a morning of play. Last time we went half the exhibits were closed so it was nice to explore the entire space. The closed section now housed modern American art showcasing different areas of our country. At each section the kids could stamp their maps! Evelyn made a silly robot person with cardboard and art supplies. Josie was quite amused with the castle building blocks. Like usual Everett disappeared, I saw glimpses of him at the marble run, the super-sized building set, the computers, the sound machine, etc. Amelia and Phillip were boooooored after 30 minutes. We spent quite a chunk of time in the creative play area. Josie's eyes betrayed her total visual overload. Everett and Evelyn put on plays for me. Everett was a rabbit-deer with fish hands. Evelyn was a rockin' roll character. Fun times.

Evelyn finally lost her tooth, she whacked herself in the mouth with a flashlight (I may have helped on accident). Her tooth went from wiggly to super wiggly and a little bloody. As I patted away the blood I plucked that tooth right out. She yelled at me to just pat it and not touch her tooth. I showed her my prize! She wrote a cute little note to the tooth fairy, saying "I love you!"

Five years after out last getaway Justin and I enjoyed a staycation here in the Phoenix area. Debbie Godard helped with the kids Friday afternoon until Linda Tanner could pick up the kids using our van. The kids got to swim lots in their pool. Josie took to calling Brother Tanner, my swimming friend, he was quite the amusing pool friend. I hear Josie jumped right in without her floaties, Amelia was nearby to pull her topside. The Tanners live next to the Packards, I hear they all had a rousing pool party. Evelyn got an early morning date with Justin at the car wash!

Justin and I enjoyed a quiet lunch at Ahipoki Bowl, a delicious bowl of sushi ingredients! Yum. We did a spot of shopping up in Scottsdale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I finally replaced my gross garlic press, damaged steamer basket, and scored new flip flops. We had a romantic couples massage at 4 pm. It was romantic seeing Justin squeezed into a tiny bathrobe! What a laugh we shared! Our wine glasses were filled with Orange-Vanilla Coke Zero. Justin tipped over his glass which shattered. I'm sure all the folks out in hall could hear was constant tittering. I will say those little sandwiches were quite tasty. Those massages woke up several sore places I did not know about, the soles of my feet, my right hip, and goodness that neck/shoulder massage felt awesome. I had the masseuse work on my right inner elbow, that hurt, a good hurt. Our next stop was our hotel the Omni in Scottsdale. Justin pulled in counter traffic, those bell boys raised a couple eyebrows at our outlandish arrival. We were soon forgotten when a larger family exited the main building. After parking we explored the grounds. I felt lost in Andalusian paradise, a throwback to Southern Spain and Portugal. We had dinner reservations at 7 so we relaxed for a bit. Justin got reservations at the Salt Cellar, a seafood restaurant. I lamented we did not get any seafood in San Diego so this for sure made up for that! The restaurant is sunk into the ground, a true cellar! We both ordered fresh baked lobster stuffed with crab and scallops. It was delicious, a messy delicious mess. Our waitress did most of the hard work making the meat accessible. My mind went back to the best seafood I've ever had in hole in the wall locations near the Red Sea and another in Cozumel. I quite enjoyed playing with my lobster claws. We settled our food with a nice long wander about the hotel grounds in the 100 degree heat. Justin wanted to know if he should set his alarm for 8 am, I agreed. His alarm went off, gently woke me up. Apparently, Justin got up showered, dressed, and saw I was still deep asleep. He startled me awake with a nudge, "Jenni, it's 11 am, we need to check out in a little while!" I was in total denial. We laughed for quite some time over my denial. Whelp, we checked into a hotel so I could sleep 12 hours straight. I imagine Justin was more than a little bored for 3 hours, seriously, I guess that was much needed. I was alert for a couple hours but then felt more tired than ever! We grabbed some brunch at Egg N'Joe before going to the temple. We were able to do a sealing session, several other couples and individuals brought family names to work on. I am so pleased with the new changes to the sealing promises. Just beautiful! We picked up our kids at 3 pm from the Tanners.

I got to attend a Stake Preparedness Fair, focused on water storage in the desert. I have several empty water containers (roughly 100 gallons total). We never filled them after moving. I learned quite a bit and am enthused to get our water storage filled out. My biggest worry is having mobile water in case we have to leave with our 72 hr kits. Dad suggested hunting carts, pull our water and packs instead of trying to carry it. The speaker attached two large tanks to his water heater with PVC, those containers are just part of the heater now. Instead of 50 gallons the system always has 400 gallons of fresh water! Ingenious if you ask me. I learned our pool is not viable as water storage due to the chemicals and swift turn to stagnant water if not continuously filtered.

23 June 2019

San Diego Beach Camping Trip

I think the beach is magnificent. I love the sand, the water, the air, the sneaky seagulls, and the entire experience. Last year we spent a lovely few days in Laguna Beach (minus Josie's face plant accident). This year we all looked forward to another few days near a beach. I wanted to try camping so found a decent place for a decent price. What better way to vacation than with more kids than adults? Courtenay and her crew plus Lia Lance joined us at the San Diego Metro KOA for 5 days, 4 nights of lots of fun. Courtenay drove down a couple days early to spend time with a friend in Vegas. We arrived in San Diego around the same time, give or take 30 minutes. Justin and I realized the day before that fitting everything into one vehicle was going to challenge every inch of space in the van. We splurged and took the truck and van. It was no nice to spread out the camping gear and beach stuff between two vehicles...plus spread out the kids between vehicles. The temperatures were hovering near 98 before 8:30 am! We were happy to leave the heat behind. Well, that did take almost 5 hours to leave the heat behind. Our drive was quite uneventful, mostly just interrupted with whining questions from Evelyn every 5 minutes, "how much longer?" We set up our tent then left Justin to sort out the disc-o cot bunk while we took the energetic pack of kids on a walk about the camp grounds. A frequent vacationer said that the KOA was renovated 3 years ago with lots of fun amenities! We discovered a large pool with two hot tubs, showers, nice bathrooms, bouncing pillows, rental bikes, a cafe, gaga ball pits, basketball courts, and a large open field. The California air smelled divine! Balmy, floral, gorgeous smells. The campsites were packed close together, just feet away from our neighbors. We scored a corner lot with lots of wire fencing to hang all our wet swim stuff on. I ordered a couple bundles of wood, delivered via golf cart and employee. That was handy. We made a quick dinner of cowboy hot dogs using Court's quite handy electric skillet. The little girls sprinkled their hair with flowers! After dinner I took the kids swimming while Court took a break and Justin worked on inflating a pile of sleeping pads...and relaxing. Everett immediately made a friend (course a girl, 2-3 years older) named Lucy that he played with whenever we went swimming. Next to our site were a couple of tiny barking dogs. Seemed their owners were no where in sight, just the dogs tied to picnic table. Courtenay called the front desk to report the yapping dogs, the owners were apparently squatting and left immediately...with the dogs. Everyone around was quite relieved. Charlie finally got to sleep afterwards. We rounded out the evening with s'mores and campfire fun.

Tuesday was BEACH day! The kids woke us up to a rousing rendition of Purple Soup, sang over 40 million times. The soup kettle was the fire pit, ashes floating all over as the kids stirred. The little ones were quite amused with the song. While the adults ambled about getting ready the kids explored the gaga ball pit and bouncing pillows. We finally left for La Jolla around 9:15 am. Finding a gas station to feed our tired bodies was quite a challenge. Utah and Arizona are ripe with soda fountained gas stations every other corner. Everyone slathered up with a thick layer of sun block before leaving. The beach was overcast until after well after noon. We barely saw Mia and Lia, those two commandeered the boogie boards and spent the entire day in the water. I stole a couple of glimpses of them only when I followed them into the water for photos. I think they ate, I think they got some drinks of water....not sure! We certainly were not very efficient about sun block reapplication. All the kids ended up with some sun burned part of their body. Everett and Phillip had white stripes down their cheeks showing where their fingers pulled down some lotion. Still, the water and sand, and later the sun were intoxicating. Josie crawled into my lap after her sandy-wich for a nap. I quite enjoyed watching Charlie amble about. He is quite adept at escaping our line of sight. Evelyn and Emmie finally got turns on the boogie boards, the girls took quickly to instruction and were racing down the waves. Evelyn and Josie got sandy mermaid tails. I dug a hole deep enough for Everett to stand in up to his chest! The boys soon had my hole enlarged and much deeper. We watched the waves rolling in for high tide. It was time to go! I washed off Evelyn before we packed up. Of course she rolled in the sand like a piggie, she was crusted absolutely crusted with sand. After we hauled everything up to the grass I had to drag her back for an ocean dunk to remove her sand crust. She wailed like a banshee. The drive back was twice the time due to rush hour. We washed off all the salt in the pool and shower. Poor Lia earned quite the nasty sunburn. She was roasted on her back and face. All the adults hung heads in shame, we neglected sun blocking the mermaid twins. I made Greek Gyros for dinner. Lia commented that the meat was gross, I handed her a pita and said good luck. She later tried the meat and ate her allotment plus some! That dinner did not last long. Court provided sunbursts to toast over the fire as a treat. Yum. Poor Penny reached the end of her rope, she went to bed screaming. Girl, I feel ya! Court and I escaped for a late night Walmart run to find swimming shorts (the girls were chafing), swim shoes, and more boogie boards.

Next day Everett Call woke up all the adults with high pitched screaming at the Gaga Ball pit. His sense of rules was severely violated when he was called out for a hit that was only a brush of the ball. To be a nerd he hunkered down in the middle hogging the balls "playing with Charlie" while all the other kids yelled at him. Amelia made it worse by hitting him, he kicked her back hard, she hit back. All in all a pretty good fight ensued. Everett was banned from the pit for the rest of the trip. We decided to give all the sunburned skin a break from the beach. We slathered miles of skin with sun block to protect lobster red skin. Most of the kids were over the top crabby and whining, Evelyn, Everett, Josie, Amelia, Lia, Emmie, and Penny (and Jenni). Ha ha. We spent a lovely few hours exploring Old Town San Diego. Our first stop was a penny press machine, the kids were enthralled with the process of spending 51 cents to get a penny stretched and stamped in return. We ate some lunch first since the restaurant was not busy and everyone was hangry. Charlie entertained me unawares, he shoved all his silverware into his cup over and over again. Toddlers make me laugh. We headed toward the only store that matters...the candy shop. The kids spent their hard earned allowances on favorite candy treats. Evelyn chose a container of unicorn whips, Josie a pink lollipop, Phillip a poop flashlight, Amelia and Everett had a bag of various choices from the candy jars. Amelia and Lia also bought some fudge, mint and huckleberry. The souvenir shops caught out attention next, we skipped over all the educational stuff in favor of the glitz of the shops. Josie was fixated on getting her own fan. All the little girls ended up with cute colored leather purses, Court got her girls and Lia purses first. We went back because my girls also needed purses, am I right? The boys got leather bracelets as well. Justin sagely sat on a bench and let the ladies go. A fun street musician had us all entertained with versions of Baby Shark, Twinkle Little Star, and the Macarena. We had a dance party right there in the square. We headed toward the Mormon Battalion Museum. The Lance kids were excited to see their Uncle Nate starring in the movie there. This time we got to pan for gold, hand scrub laundry, and bake mud bricks after the presentation. We headed up to the tower for a view of the city. We tried to make it back to KOA in time for the littles to enjoy a train ride but missed it by 5 minutes. So we went swimming again! Courtenay went to Costco for pizza while Justin and I managed the swimming horde of kids. At dusk some of us went to the large field to watch The Good Dinosaur. We snacked on popcorn and loads of water. I quite enjoy how well the employees keep the sound curfew maintained. It's quite a dull roar until 10-10:30, then everything settles down to silence for the night.

Justin woke up the next morning to find all the females in the flutter. Amelia started her first period, while camping!!!! I so appreciate Courtenay's excited reaction! Amelia was all in a tizzy flapping her arms while I calmly and slowly gathered some supplies. She was soon squared away, complete with a dose of Tylenol for those pesky cramps. We headed to the beach again for a few hours. Well covered and slathered this time. Lia was not the mood at all to swim, her burn was to severe to enjoy much of anything. Amelia was anxious about missing out on swimming, she was reassured several times it was ok to swim. So she did get in the water for a couple of hours. The beach remained overcast for the day. Justin tangled up his kite strings. That spaghetti mess of string took me an hour to sort out. The kids amused themselves digging holes using sand shovels I got at Walmart. At first the boys and girls were in a contest for the largest and deepest holes. The boys won. The waves were quite substantial that day! Amelia and I spent a good hour out in the deeper water with our boogie boards. We love the waves that shoot you straight up into the air! Evelyn wanted to board so I helped her catch a few waves. She wandered back to the sand so I thought she was done. A few moments later I realized she was not with the family. I am not one to get anxious about missing kids, usually I'm quite low key. In my mind's eye Evelyn got caught in the undertow (which was quite strong that day) and pulled out to the deeper water. She did not have her floatie on as well so there was no way she'd keep her head above water. I enlisted Justin to help me find her. I found her 1/2 mile down the beach crying, she lost us. That was a good heart workout for us both. We had a pretty good spot directly in front of a play area and the bathrooms. We headed back early, everyone was tired, cold, and ready to rest at the KOA. Traffic delayed us enough that we missed the train rides again. So we rented a surry bike, three banana bikes, and a large trike for the kids to enjoy. I even squeezed myself into a banana bike made for an 8 year old. The surry gave us a really good 20 minutes of exercise. Court made walking tacos. My silly girls insisted on walking about with their tacos just because. The kids went swimming again, hogging the hot tubs, which stung our burns for a moment then felt pretty darn good. Everett played for the last time with his Lucy friend. Evelyn practiced her water handstands. She found her swimming skills from last year! We made banana boats for treat, most burned so we finished off with more s'mores. Courtenay worked on packing up her van for an early departure the next day. The kids gave Charlie and new nickname of Charzard or Charmander, a Pokemon character.

Courtenay packed up quickly since she had a 13 hour drive home. The kids played gaga ball and bounce pillows bright and early for the last time. Lia really wanted Amelia to travel back with them. She was not feeling comfortable with her current situation, lack of clothing, and supplies, plus I'm not sure there was even room in the Lance van for a Call. Ha ha ha. Hug, hug, kiss, kiss and the Lances were off...to the bathroom. We ran up a pair of shorts and caught them at the bathroom still, phew. Justin and I took our time to pack up and store things away in the truck and van. So much sand, so much. We pulled out around 10 am to head back to 100+ temps in Arizona. We miss those balmy 70 degree days already. The drive back was quiet, the kids napped half the way. That first rest stop was brutal. Walked out to dry, furnace winds at a 107! Take me back! We got home around 5 pm. Soon we had the vehicles cleared out and the house cluttered with stuff. I got the van vacuumed before the sand took over.

Saturday I worked on the massive pile of laundry. Took about 11 loads of laundry to catch up with all the dirty, smoke infused, camp stuff. The kids set up the slip n'slide as an afternoon diversion. I captured some pretty silly slo-mo videos of their antics. Our impressive 12' sunflower bloomed, several of the smaller flowers also bloomed while we were gone. Those flowers gave me some "saudades" of Nebraska. Justin and I attended Stake Conference meetings towards the evening. Thanks to Amelia for holding down the fort while we went to the adult session. One idea really stuck out to me that session: that the Mosaic Law was retired for the Higher Law of Love, now that law is retired for an even higher law, that of Ministering as the Lord does. Just a thought!

Sunday Justin woke up to a very excited Evelyn. She almost spoiled his Father's Day surprise due to her excitement. She held it together! I got Justin a huge card which we all signed. He got the card and three awesome new ties from the littles. We enjoyed a Justin approved meal of BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, and salad. We are so blessed with a humble, hard-working father for our family.

I wish there was a way to encapsulate all the emotions, busy-ness, commaderie, laughter, and tantrums, etc of our trip. I wish there were words to describe Charlie's one-word raspy way of communicating. I wish we could just wrap up all that cousin time, the feelings, love, joy, etc of spending time with folks we love. The faces on our kids faces when making emergency potty runs down the way. Everett's little feelings hurting more than possible over some small faux pas. The older girls giggling in their own tent, being big girls and all grown up, but still impossibly young. I'm really good at describing the little motions we go through it's the other things that escape me. My camera captures a bit of those feelings, better than my words at least. I wish I could tell you how my heart expanded when Everett Lance randomly held Evelyn's hand just because he was near and a great big brother. Or Josie's sticky face whining for a flimsy wooden fan that broke 5 minutes later. Those are the things vacations are made of, real life included.

**the kids reminded me, I have to tell about my well-timed toot. I could feel a good one brewing so I pointed out all the blisters on Mia's face, here, here, here, and here....and toot! I'm pretty proud it worked out so well. We had a good laugh.

Amelia: favorite part was the beach, catching the big ones, the cramps, learning to deal with being a "woman"
Phillip: Loved the KOA, palling about with Everett
Everett: Loved KOA, the pool especially, loved the waves and getting his own boogie board, the yummy food
Evelyn: I learned to boogie board on the waves all by myself! I am awesome, cool. I loved playing with Penny

09 June 2019

Everett's Baptism, Tonto Creek



This week felt like our first true week of summer vacation! The heat lamp flicked on, Phoenix is now living up to it's name sake. We quite enjoyed our themed days, the excuse to have some fun was nice. We started out the week with a delightful trip back up to Payson. A group of Mothers and children arranged to check out Tonto Creek area. I decided the evening before that the trip was possible. I had a piano lesson to reschedule to make my day clear. We all met at Bosa doughnuts up in Payson, my kids opted to snack on Bosa before meeting up there so we swung by before leaving Gilbert. I was the only one who had been to the area so we led the expedition. We started the day exploring the fish hatchery near Horton Creek. Each tank had a different type of fish in various levels of development. The most populated tank had 215,000 river trout. The fish were so populous the water rippled and boiled when we drew near. Fish food was scattered about the cement near the tanks. My kids quite enjoyed scrounging up food and watching the water erupt with activity. Josie loved her new pack-pack. We toured the museum then headed to a quiet spot for a picnic lunch. Phillip managed to lose his sandal by kicking his foot into some deep mud. He also splattered Corissa Smith with mud, out of all the ladies present she was the one that got splattered. Her clothing is quite impeccable. He fished an impressive nasty lump of sandal out of the mud. Josie was the first kid to fall into the water, she wore just a diaper the rest of the day since her pants were soaked and muddy. We drove back down from the hatchery to a spot the kids could explore and enjoy the creek. I was impressed over the number of spiders lurking in the rocks. Yuck. Phillip soon had two large sticks to help him down the creek. We got wet, slipped and hopped about the rocks, caught water creatures, and relished the cold water. Amelia and Stella explored the area quite extensively. The little ones loved the sand toys we brought to make a mud puddle. The boys ended our stay with a rousing game of capture the flag. I enjoyed the day as much as possible, it was my heavy period day so dealing with that out in nature was not my favorite experience ever. Toilets are nice in those situations. Ha. Days spent out in the sunshine with friends are often the best of days. Evelyn brought along her newly thrifted skates, she really wanted to skate around in the pine needles and rocks. I set up a play tent instead. Ha ha. We arrived home shortly before Justin. Soak up all the goodness kind of a day.

We saw a lot of Aiden this week. His parents and Grandma are busy packing up their house. He came over most every afternoon! By the end of the week Evelyn was not keen about him coming over. "Ugh! Not another boy friend!" The kids amused themselves making slime on Tuesday. We spent an afternoon at Mesquite Pool. The little girls used the shallow water to improve their gliding and swim strokes. Josie made us all laugh each time her head popped up at the top of the slide with an exuberant "Hiiiiiiiii!" Her goggle face also makes me laugh. Thursday we made frosting playdough. Pretty much an excuse to eat frosting! The kids made a mess of sticky frosting and a mountain of powdered sugar. The result was dough that felt like fondant, but dried out quickly. I had a photo session one evening with a two year old boy and also took updated head shots for the Godard's office staff.

Everett and Phillip are obsessed with making their own escape room. We got some boxes, duct tape, and a dial numbered lock for them to create a room. The kids spent quite a few hours in the garage reworking their creation. We celebrated National Doughnut Day with a dozen from Hurts Doughnuts. Yum. 

Saturday morning was a big event for Everett. He finally got baptized! He woke up and quickly dressed up in his new suit. His smile was bigger than usual, bright and a ray of light. The meeting started at 9 am. Everett was excited to roam the church in his white jumpsuit and no socks. His friend Jacob sang Gethsemane as the musical number. Everett said his eyes only got wet 3 times. Two other boys also got baptized the same day. He was the last one to get baptized. Everett told me his story below:

"So, I felt like I was going to have a good day when I got to church. I couldn't wait to get baptized. Me and Dad went into the Primary room and the font doors were closed. Me and Dad got the baptism clothes and went into the dressing room. Me and Dad got into our baptism clothes and we met Mom to get some pictures. I wanted us both to sit in comfy chairs beside a painting of Jesus. I felt good with the white clothes on. After pictures me and Dad went to the chapel. We sat in the front row! Our bishop started talking and I got to go up front with two other boys. I smiled my face off! Then the song Gethsemane. My eyes got water in them so I hugged on my Dad. Then one of the boys was told to go with their family to the Primary Room to get baptized. We waited, the movie did not work so we listened to music instead. Finally it was my turn and we hurried off the Primary Room. Me and Dad went into the font. I held onto Dad as I got baptized. When I was under the water I felt Grandma near me and a peaceful feeling inside me. When I went out of the water we got out of the water to change clothes. Then I got the gift of the Holy Ghost. Dad, Uncle Spenser, and Brother Godard put their hands on my head to give me the gift. During the prayer I felt the same peaceful feeling just like when I got baptized. I'm glad my cousins could come. We ate no bake cookies outside, the cookies tasted great!"

I'm glad he felt his Great-Grandma near during his baptism. He prayed to feel her near. What a boy! 

Now we are in the chaos of packing for our beach trip. The amount of prep is a bit overwhelming. We are so excited to have some cousin time and forge family bonds with Courtenay and kids. During this week's Come Follow Me, we talked about service. I handed out "You've been Served" cards. So far only Everett has used his card. He cleaned off the bathroom counter! Way to go!