23 February 2010

Sick and Alone Makes Me Crafty

Sorry about the lame title! My faculties are not quite stellar yet. Once again I am extremely grateful for modern medicine. I tend to forget the power of those large horse pills stuffed with anitbiotics. I would almost prefer childbirth over having strepp throat, headache, and fever! At least the pain is well-controlled and you get a baby afterwards. LOL. Just nine hours after taking my first dose I noticed the swelling going down. Gosh I am so grateful. I actually ate a banana today! It was delicious.

Mia loves to play in the snow. I love to follow her around and use my new camera. She had a stick to whack the snow off our front trees and make lines in the snow. Her little pink knitted hood just melted my heart.

While Justin was gone I revved up the crocheting and sewing factory again. I forgot to take pictures of three other hats I made, the other pictures are trapped on my external hard drive, which continues to pretend like it forgot how to communicate. You may get to see the other projects...one day. If not I may cry a river because a whole year of pictures and files are on that drive, the only other back up once Justin wiped the c:/ drive. Catherine showed me the cutest "trellis" hat while she was here. I only had a picture to go off of, but managed to replicate it with a few personal changes like brim size. I learned the stitch from a totally gay guy who has numerous crochet tutorials on youtube. I tried not to laugh while I followed him. I made myself another brown hat since the other one got washed and dryed causing major shrinkage. Phillip earned two new funky hats. Deb and Matt Haley inspired the helmet one...thanks for the idea. Nearly a month ago I stumbled across a sewn knit rose tutorial. Last week Amelia found a cute color tee at the Salvation Army, I ripped it apart and made the roses. My first attempt was amateur at best and mostly salvagable. I should have practiced first! Now I am in the process of cutting out several spring dresses and outfits for the kids. More cuteness in the future.

My house is in shambles. If you want to come visit me...please stay away for another couple days. LOL. It took me most of the day just to disinfect the house, sterilize binkies, and wash bedding, etc. Yuck. Sickies, PLEEEEASE stay away. Phillip is not sleeping well, so he must have some ache I can't identify. His gums are not swollen, his throat is not red, and his ears are clear. Poor kid cried for 2 hours last night because I was way too tired to get up.

***We are planning a trip to Utah on Saturday the 27th and leaving the 6th of March.