09 June 2019

Everett's Baptism, Tonto Creek



This week felt like our first true week of summer vacation! The heat lamp flicked on, Phoenix is now living up to it's name sake. We quite enjoyed our themed days, the excuse to have some fun was nice. We started out the week with a delightful trip back up to Payson. A group of Mothers and children arranged to check out Tonto Creek area. I decided the evening before that the trip was possible. I had a piano lesson to reschedule to make my day clear. We all met at Bosa doughnuts up in Payson, my kids opted to snack on Bosa before meeting up there so we swung by before leaving Gilbert. I was the only one who had been to the area so we led the expedition. We started the day exploring the fish hatchery near Horton Creek. Each tank had a different type of fish in various levels of development. The most populated tank had 215,000 river trout. The fish were so populous the water rippled and boiled when we drew near. Fish food was scattered about the cement near the tanks. My kids quite enjoyed scrounging up food and watching the water erupt with activity. Josie loved her new pack-pack. We toured the museum then headed to a quiet spot for a picnic lunch. Phillip managed to lose his sandal by kicking his foot into some deep mud. He also splattered Corissa Smith with mud, out of all the ladies present she was the one that got splattered. Her clothing is quite impeccable. He fished an impressive nasty lump of sandal out of the mud. Josie was the first kid to fall into the water, she wore just a diaper the rest of the day since her pants were soaked and muddy. We drove back down from the hatchery to a spot the kids could explore and enjoy the creek. I was impressed over the number of spiders lurking in the rocks. Yuck. Phillip soon had two large sticks to help him down the creek. We got wet, slipped and hopped about the rocks, caught water creatures, and relished the cold water. Amelia and Stella explored the area quite extensively. The little ones loved the sand toys we brought to make a mud puddle. The boys ended our stay with a rousing game of capture the flag. I enjoyed the day as much as possible, it was my heavy period day so dealing with that out in nature was not my favorite experience ever. Toilets are nice in those situations. Ha. Days spent out in the sunshine with friends are often the best of days. Evelyn brought along her newly thrifted skates, she really wanted to skate around in the pine needles and rocks. I set up a play tent instead. Ha ha. We arrived home shortly before Justin. Soak up all the goodness kind of a day.

We saw a lot of Aiden this week. His parents and Grandma are busy packing up their house. He came over most every afternoon! By the end of the week Evelyn was not keen about him coming over. "Ugh! Not another boy friend!" The kids amused themselves making slime on Tuesday. We spent an afternoon at Mesquite Pool. The little girls used the shallow water to improve their gliding and swim strokes. Josie made us all laugh each time her head popped up at the top of the slide with an exuberant "Hiiiiiiiii!" Her goggle face also makes me laugh. Thursday we made frosting playdough. Pretty much an excuse to eat frosting! The kids made a mess of sticky frosting and a mountain of powdered sugar. The result was dough that felt like fondant, but dried out quickly. I had a photo session one evening with a two year old boy and also took updated head shots for the Godard's office staff.

Everett and Phillip are obsessed with making their own escape room. We got some boxes, duct tape, and a dial numbered lock for them to create a room. The kids spent quite a few hours in the garage reworking their creation. We celebrated National Doughnut Day with a dozen from Hurts Doughnuts. Yum. 

Saturday morning was a big event for Everett. He finally got baptized! He woke up and quickly dressed up in his new suit. His smile was bigger than usual, bright and a ray of light. The meeting started at 9 am. Everett was excited to roam the church in his white jumpsuit and no socks. His friend Jacob sang Gethsemane as the musical number. Everett said his eyes only got wet 3 times. Two other boys also got baptized the same day. He was the last one to get baptized. Everett told me his story below:

"So, I felt like I was going to have a good day when I got to church. I couldn't wait to get baptized. Me and Dad went into the Primary room and the font doors were closed. Me and Dad got the baptism clothes and went into the dressing room. Me and Dad got into our baptism clothes and we met Mom to get some pictures. I wanted us both to sit in comfy chairs beside a painting of Jesus. I felt good with the white clothes on. After pictures me and Dad went to the chapel. We sat in the front row! Our bishop started talking and I got to go up front with two other boys. I smiled my face off! Then the song Gethsemane. My eyes got water in them so I hugged on my Dad. Then one of the boys was told to go with their family to the Primary Room to get baptized. We waited, the movie did not work so we listened to music instead. Finally it was my turn and we hurried off the Primary Room. Me and Dad went into the font. I held onto Dad as I got baptized. When I was under the water I felt Grandma near me and a peaceful feeling inside me. When I went out of the water we got out of the water to change clothes. Then I got the gift of the Holy Ghost. Dad, Uncle Spenser, and Brother Godard put their hands on my head to give me the gift. During the prayer I felt the same peaceful feeling just like when I got baptized. I'm glad my cousins could come. We ate no bake cookies outside, the cookies tasted great!"

I'm glad he felt his Great-Grandma near during his baptism. He prayed to feel her near. What a boy! 

Now we are in the chaos of packing for our beach trip. The amount of prep is a bit overwhelming. We are so excited to have some cousin time and forge family bonds with Courtenay and kids. During this week's Come Follow Me, we talked about service. I handed out "You've been Served" cards. So far only Everett has used his card. He cleaned off the bathroom counter! Way to go!