05 May 2013

Mustache or Lips

Lips! We are welcoming a baby girl to complete our little family. Amelia is very excited and loves the name we chose: Evelyn Justinne Call. Phillip gave us a raspberry in response to our announcement. Everett wanted a hug. I am now 22 weeks 5 days along. She was very active during the ultrasound. The tech got amazing spine photos, the cord, palate, and gender photos. I hope we won't need another one!

Ballet Recital and a Couple Changes

When I went to get Amelia up for school I noticed Everett hugging his monkey while asleep. Tender moments like that are fuel for a busy mom. The boys got baseball caps during our Walmart trip Monday morning. Everett looked especially grown up in his tchoo-tchoo cap. What a funny boy. For FHE we worked on cleaning the side yard of debris and winter wind accumulations. It felt great to get some of the unsightly stuff cleared out. Amelia made a cute t-shirt with a kit Grandma Debbie gave her for her birthday. She is so proud of her shirt.
We woke up to snow on Wednesday. It snowed about 4 inches throughout the day. It was a nice snow since it melted quickly! I had a third ultrasound to get a look at the baby's umbilical cord and palate. Everything looks good so far. The tech even took another look to see if we will welcome a boy or girl. The results...check the next blog post if you did not hear already. We told Amelia after dinner. She is very, very excited. Justin also got a call from the Stake President about a new calling to come on Sunday. He was a bit nervous! Me too. We can barely manage three active kids with the two of us. Imagine me alone with a newborn and three kids. Yikes. Guess the YW will need to take turns sitting with us. Any other takers would be appreciated.
Friday morning Phillip enjoyed a visit with the speech therapist. She said he could use a little help putting words together. He is pretty good with single words but sentences are hard to understand. We have a full assessment this coming Tuesday. One of the pictures he had to identify was a dragon. His eyes went up to the ceiling and widened as he saw the dragon blowing fire. He knocked it out of the air and saved us all from impending doom. I thought the therapist would die laughing! Afterwards the boys and I planted our garden seeds. It is nice to get the garden finally started. I covered it up to protect from the cold nights AND from dirt-loving boys. We took the kids out to dinner Friday evening because we could not find a sitter. The kids went on a date with us. Sarah Wood watched the kids while we saw Iron Man 3. Awesome! Totally awesome.  
Saturday was a BUSY day. Ella had a Fancy Nancy tea party from 11-1. Alison spent hours cutting tissue paper for a fun backdrop. The decorations, cute girls, and such were totally amazing. The girls decorated hats, posed, ate tea party food, sipped grape soda, and enjoyed Ella's gift opening skills. The best parts were petting Ella's newborn kittens and new baby chicks. We ran home to get Amelia's make up and costume on for her dress rehearsal. She did really well! Her class had photos afterwards. We ran to Walmart for food shopping. Ran home to get dinner ready and help Justin clean the garage. We were tired! Justin spent the day with the boys doing guy stuff.
This morning Justin was called to be a High Councilman for our new Stake along with Brother Hunsaker. It was fun to meet our new Stake President and counselor. Not sure what his duties will be yet but will include lots of traveling and sitting on the stand. After church Bishop Siler set Justin apart as a High Priest and the Stake President as a High Councilman. He was blessed with many blessings and talents. It is awesome to watch him grow and enlarge his testimony. Justin advised other men in our ward not to order new suits and answer phone calls with a 307 area code! Funny guy. He does look dashing in his new suit...even if a calling came with it. We dashed home to get Amelia ready for her recital and at the school in 10 minutes. We made it with a minute to spare. She performed amazingly! What a great girl.
PS: funny story from last week. Justin got a water bottle ready for our road trip. He put lots of ice into his blue water bottle. On to trip home he mentioned that his water tasted funny. We then noticed a pair of Phillip's blue socks floating in the bottle. He sipped sock water all day! Gross. I am not sure the socks were clean or not. Thanks Phillip!