19 May 2013

Before and After

I think the newly painted cabinets and counters make a HUGE difference! Not sure we will end up doing the backsplash or not. I am having a hard time finding something that will cover the tiles without removing them.

Winter to Summer

Sometimes the weather is the thing that keeps me going! I cannot believe that two weeks ago it was snowing, this week we had days in the 90s. Mother's Day I busted out the sprinkler for the kids to run through and cool down. The music truck (aka ice cream truck) drove by a couple times. I enjoyed teaching Amelia why we cannot buy ice cream on Sunday, our wallet enjoyed that too. Phillip planted my Mother's Day carnation from church. Amazingly it is still alive! He was so proud that it stayed fresh for so many days.
Monday-Thursday I had the wading pool all filled up and ready for playing and splashing. The boys got wet about 5 times each day. Everett absolutely loves the water. He loves to splash and bum crash in the water. My garden seeds are all sprouted and growing fast. I cannot wait for fresh peas, beans, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers. Monday evening Amelia danced at two rest homes around town with her ballet class. I love to watch her dance! She is so darn expressive and graceful. She gets that from Grandma Debbie and Aunt Jana. My best move is the sprinkler! LOL. Ella came to watch her last performance since it was much cheaper that her actual recital. We had ice cream afterwards to complete a fun FHE lesson.
Tuesday morning the boys and I met Amelia at the park. Her school had Fun Day at the park, a three hour organized play time for the kids to enjoy. We got there half way through the fun. The kids got to play Mr Fox, sack jumping, and stacking cups tournament. We played some more at the park then went swimming. I was dripping sweat it was so muggy and hot.
I totally forgot to volunteer at Amelia's school on Thursday...I blame the pregnancy. Geepers. The boys and I went to the park and got distracted by a coming storm and rain. That combined with lunch made my brain calender all goofy. Miekka helped me think through a way to save a tablecloth I cut out incorrectly. I wanted a fitted cloth over the beveled table edge and fitted close to the table bib. It turned out pretty awesome. You'd never notice the safety pins I used to tighten the fabric to the table bib. I love safety pins. While Justin mowed the amazon grass I finished making bench covers. Maybe the table and it's finish will last a little longer?!
Justin took the day off on Friday. He enjoyed puttering around the house working on outside projects. I went back and forth to the hospital for my glucose test, blood work, and later a rhogam shot. We had a picnic lunch at the park with ladies from my VT route. I visited Amelia's school where the class gave me a packet of thank-you cards and a cute basket of flowers. Since I was there the speech therapist cornered me and we finished Phillip's speech evaluation and paperwork. Most likely she will meet with Phillip after preschool twice a week starting the end of August. I think he will benefit from some help. We need to get into the ENT over the summer and have his throat reexamined to see if the laryngomalacia he was diagnosed with as an infant is getting better. Miss Ella came to spend the weekend with us. Alison ran in the Cabela's 5k Friday evening, then they went to the temple all Saturday. Justin and I went out on a date to dinner at Hillside grill and bar then saw Star Trek. Very relaxing. I got in a huff at the beginning of our date while trying to describe where one of our neighbors live. Sometimes directions come out Jenni style and not Justin style. Silly us.
Saturday Amelia woke me up at 6:50 asking if we could take Ella to Subway for lunch. Grrrr. Silly girls. We had to do something or go crazy so I chose a trip to Ricky and Lucy's Greenhouse. We wandered around the cute gardens for a while. Everett loved the feet stepping stones. Amelia, Ella, and Phillip enjoyed chasing Guinea Hens around the back areas. We found a new bush to replace a dying one on the front yard. The best was going to the greenhouse and searching for ladybugs. Phillip found a decorative wheelbarrow, course he had to fill it with plants. Amelia was too chicken to hold a ladybug (CHICKEN!). Ella and Everett were the ladybug enthusiast. Everett is quite the bug man. He loves to find ants, potato bugs, and flies...now he loves ladybugs. He loved one poor bug to death. His sweet smiles and chortles of joy had Justin and I in heaven. We took our silly girls to Subway. They sat at a high bar table and pretended to be teenagers. We sat with the wild men. Phillip ended up throwing his dirty socks at the girls and making see-food faces. He is an animal, we can't take him anywhere. The first hail/tornado/severe storm rolled through the area at 5 pm. We got a smattering of hail, lots of rocking thunder and lightening, and rain. Hooray. After dinner we went puddle jumping. I love, love, love getting my feet wet and jumping along with the kids.
Today we had ward conference. My first Sunday with the three kids alone. I texted Maren and Matt before church asking them to sit with me. They helped with the intimidation factor. Phillip made not-so-obscure gestures to Justin (waving, thumbs up, and exclaiming) on the stand. Phillip burped pretty loud during sacrament meeting, he said excuse me, then giggled for 5 minutes. He was very excited to find a Transformers color book in the church bag this week. A little too excited. Everett learned how to "shhhhhhush!" Phillip right at the end of the meeting. I felt tired after 75 minutes of keeping the peace. Justin did an awesome job reading off the sustainings for our ward. I got to teach Phillip's Sunbeam class right after the fun Sacrament meeting. Imagine 5 wiggly Sunbeams and Phillip! Yes, I got a nap after church. He he.