29 March 2010

Chocolate Pudding

Friday we invited Ella over for some chocolate pudding...messy style. My cousin Katherine used pistashio pudding for her joy school group last week. I've wanted to play with pudding for some time now. The last time we tried Amelia was not too fond of the texture. This time she was in heaven! Ella came over in mess friendly clothes and the fun began. I plopped a huge spoonful in front of each girl. Ella looked completely horrified. She told me her mommy doesn't let her play with pudding. After several reassurances, she gave me a look saying, well, if you insist then it's your funeral. They had a wonderful time. Ella kept asking for napkins to wipe her hands. I think Mia ate more pudding than she played with. Both girls had a great time taking a warm bath with lots of bubbles to clean up. Alison came over around 3:30 to watch my kiddos while I took a couple more pictures of the kids from last week. My studio was a little too small for 3 kids at once. I kicked in another session of outside pictures.

Saturday was a very relaxing day. We mostly just stayed home and enjoyed a lazy day. I made a "short" Walmart trip that ended up being quite long. Our Walmart is going through renovations so each Saturday the store is hosting crazy sales. I did not get much, just enough toothpaste for a year ($1), some hair stuff ($1), and a humidifier (for $5). The line to check out took over 40 minutes. Each cashier needed an override code by a manager, there was only one manager on duty. Pretty crazy. We did make an excursion to get Dairy Queen treats after dinner.

Sunday is mostly related in the previous post...

Today the sun is shining and the temperature is in the 70's! Amelia started to throw up this morning. She seemed to feel better after throwing up the first time. So we went to the park for 3 hours. It was heaven! Amelia enjoyed trying to catch the little birds hopping around, feeding the ducks, eating a very scant picnic lunch, and playing her heart out. Phillip enjoyed the sunshine and being held by me. Once we got home Amelia went straight to bed at her request. Not even 20 minutes later she started screaming. Yep! She totally drenched her bed, clothes, hair, carpet, bed rails, bed skirt, etc. Yuck! Poor kid is now watching Thomas with a huge bowl. Now that I mention the story my tummy is a bit queasy. Maybe that is why my head hurts so bad.