26 November 2009

Our Turkey Day

We had an awesome Thanksgiving Day. The weather was perfect at a mild 65 degrees. John, Courtenay, and Joe arrived here at 8 am. They were pretty tired so we all took it easy...except me! By noon the turkey was baking, the horse duvers ready, and the salads made; plus the kids were dressed! Wahoo! Matt came over with their 3 boys for horse duvers. I was so stuffed that Phillip and I took a nice little walk afterwards. Dinner was swiftly chowed down at 5 pm. Our menu included:

two plump, juicy turkeys (thanks to brining for two days)
rice stuffing
regular stuffing
feta cheese mashed potatoes
broccoli salad
steamed broccoli
cranberry relish
pomegranate salad
fluffy rolls

Dessert included:
freshly whipped cream
pumpkin cheesecake
key lime cheesecake
pumpkin caramel pie
pecan pie
chocolate silk pie
berry pie
ice cream

We were stuffed to the gills! I am so grateful for my awesome husband, two wonderful children, membership in the LDS church, my testimony, my extended family, and so many other things. I could write a book. Nearly 11 years ago I was sitting at a table with humble folks eating rice flour mixed with sugar for dessert in the Cape Verde Islands. So much has changed since then. We are very blessed to live here in America with a Walmart down the street. We are blessed with an over abundance of wealth and freedom. I hope to never forget those humble days and turn my heart to charity and spreading hope. My heart is also with our soldiers and missionaries away from their families at this time.