03 April 2009

Hair Pretties

Yesterday I was a busy bee! Amelia and I made 16 new hair clips and decorated 20 hats with flowers, ribbon, etc. The hats look MUCH cuter! I will post pics of the hats once I get my new hat display form in the mail. Amelia decided not to take a nap yesterday afternoon. Our day seemed really long without the customary break. The city decided to test the tornado siren twice during the afternoon. Usually, the siren only sounds Wed morning at 10 am. The first siren blasted around 1:30, 10 minutes into her nap. She started scream, "stery siren, MOMMY!" stery translating into scary. I got her settled back down and the siren went off again. Blast it all! She would only sleep in my arms, which was uncomfortable for me. So the nap went out the window. She played in her new ball tent found at Walmart for $17. It was worth every penny. She loves sitting in the tent throwing balls everywhere.
My business cards came in the mail today. I am nearly ready for this trade show! All I need to do is crochet 20 more hats. Yikes. Amelia's Easter dress, ordered off eBay, also showed up today. Yesterday our REI order came. We got a hefty dividend this year from our REI Visa. Justin ordered a propane camping stove, first aid kit, and I ordered a new red Kelty baby backpack. Dividend time of year is always exciting.

I also feel like a renegade each time we go somewhere in my car. The tags expired 31Mar09. I ordered a new title, declaring Nebraska on the title about 12 days ago. I can't register my car until the new title comes. Hopefully, IF we get pulled over the police officer will be understanding.

Last night Justin gave me a lecture on why he needs a new rifle. Apparently, the one he has is not optimal for blasting Prairie Dogs. He needs one with a longer rifle, smaller bullet, and of course the coveted scope. I could see him reading off an excel chart in his head as he pontificated about the pros and cons of converting his AR-15, putting a scope on his existing rifle, and buying a new one. He was so motivated that Justin got a Nebraska driver's license today. He must really want a new rifle. He avoids the subject when I ask him about the deal that the next gun we buy will be "MY SIG SAUER P229." Rifle to shoot varmits trumps really cool handgun.

Alison suggested we check into expanding our cable to get kBYU. I had J-Dawg check it out. For $10 per month he expanded the cable to include kBYU. We can watch conference at home now. Hip Hip Hooray. He brought home a new converter box thing, and set it up. Now we have like 400 unnecessary channels since we only watch a total of 10 channels. Why can't you just order what you want to watch? Custom cable for cheap prices? Novel.