26 August 2011

Phillip's Day

We had a fun birthday with Phillip. His eyes light up when we sang him happy birthday before Justin went to work. He helped me make cupcakes...more like he got a bath after helping. Ella came over to play most of the day. We had lunch at McDonald's with Justin. He was over the top excited to have lunch with both Ella and Justin. It took him over an hour to finally settle down enough to fall asleep. We played in the sideyard with punching balloons after he woke up. His balloon popped, he carried around the rubber shreds asking me to blow it back up every few moments. The Haley family now lives a block away since their home sale is closing on Monday. They moved into a small rental home until they find a home with property that meets their needs. We are NOT complaining in the slightest! We walked Ella home like old times and hung out for a little while. Ella and Brayden came with us to the park for cuppy cakes, ice cream, and presents. He loves his new huge tonka dump truck, a rescue hero fire truck (that shoots water bullets), a Buzz Lightyear gun, a gyro ball, and a robot bug. Justin said his dream to play with boy toys with a kid in his lap was finally fulfilled last night as he showed Phillip how to work his fire truck. It was pretty cute. We got Phillip to say "I'm two"...it is a bit garbled but those who speak Phillip understand. Happy Birthday big boy!!!

**the photos of Amelia are to showcase a hat I made for Neleigh. I made her three hats but forgot to take photos of them before I gave them away, until yesterday.

Three Months Old


Say hello!! Aren't I just adorable? My dimple is so fetchin' cute it begs for kisses.

I had to capture Everett in his blessing outfit before he outgrew it. I love the contrast of black against cream! This week Everett learned how to laugh. He sometimes laughs when tickled, helped to touch his toes, or when his nose is suctioned. At three months Everett can maintain eye contact, smile, recognize people, bat at toys, suck on his hands, nurse like a champ, and sleep through the night. He is almost ready to transition into Phillip's room. The only thing he does not do that both Mia and Phillip did is to put weight on his legs. It is so strange to stand him up and have him retain no weight on his legs. His favorite things are: mommy, daddy, Amelia, Phillip (sometimes), his monkey binky, bouncy chair, baths, and the play mat. After being sick for 10 days he is not going to sleep by himself anymore. He wants to be snuggled to sleep, who can blame the kid? We are working on that again.

This week I found a used crib and mattress through a friend. The boys room is ready for two. I am not ready! Mostly I cannot wrap my head around having two napping kids on different schedules in one room. Everett usually wakes up between 5-7 am to nurse, I can just see Phillip waking up too when I come to get Everett and not going back down to sleep. Everett also cries a bit when settling down to sleep, so how does that work at 10:30 pm? He really needs his own room. I considered putting Phillip and Mia together but it was a little overwhelming for me at this time to move everything by myself. It is so convenient to have Everett right beside me! I can just roll over at night get him and nurse in bed. That is amazing! He is almost too long for the bassinet now. I just need to try it out and not be so concerned.