26 February 2010

Power of Prayer

Sink Bathing...we are loving the double sink!
I am so blessed. I have a wonderful husband, deliciously cute kids, a warm and comfy home, awesome family and friends, and etc. My computer and hard drive caused extensive stress this past week. After Justin wiped the desktop computer clean my external drive where I backed up ALL my files stopped working. This morning I spent a couple hours on the phone with the hard drive company and data rescue companies. The sum of the two hours was not promising at all. Tech support basically said the only option I had was to wipe my back up and start over. While on the phone the tech person had me try any and every channel to get files off the drive. Nothing worked. The drive just kept cycling and dragging my computer speed to a snail's pace. He suggested I contact a couple data rescue companies and get an estimate. The cheapest price I could find was a starting fee of $565, with an average price of $800. At that time I was so disheartened that I knelt down to pray my frustrations out.

An hour later the drive suddenly started working. It worked long enough to get the vital files off! I could not help the tears streaming down my cheeks. What a small decisive miracle. Heavenly Father even cares about me and my love of photography!


Alison let me watch Ella for most of the day. Amelia and Ella were so funny. All the girls wanted to do was play in the rice. I started them off with water coloring. Amelia ended up painting Ella's socks with the dingy water. The funniest moment was watching them play with Amelia's little princess collection (sort of like Polly Pockets). Mia was near tantrum because Ella wanted to put a Belle dress on Jasmine, heaven forbid. I grabbed Snow White and asked Cinderella if she would wear my dress. Soon we had all the dresses mixed up and the dollies playing "nursery" and "Ring-a-Rosies."

Justin came home early from work today. It was heaven sent. He made a Walmart trip, got the car ready, and watched the kiddos while I taught piano and packed. Tomorrow we are off for a week of fun in Utah. I can't wait to show Phillip to my Mom and Justin's family. I stayed up way too late last night finishing a darling dress for Amelia. Ooooo la la!

Six Months Old

My little boy is six months old already! I cannot believe it. He is such a wonderful little guy. At his 6 month check-up Phillip weighed in at 14.12 lbs and measures 26 1/4 inches long. Percentage wise his weight is in the 6th percentile and 50th in height. Most likely his lack in weight is due to not eating solid foods yet. The Dr gave the okay to start feeding him solids. He is not sitting up yet, in fact he is not even rolling over on his own. I was going to give him some rice cereal yesterday but he came down with Strep during the afternoon. Both Mia and Phillip are doing better after 24 hours of antibiotics. This morning he sampled a biter biscuit. Oh my! He was so excited he kept losing the biscuit. This evening Amelia fed him some rice cereal. Not as exciting but still very delicious.

*can grasp objects quite quickly
*loves to play peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, and bouncy games
*will spend 10-20 minutes in his jumperoo bouncing up a storm
*loves to follow Amelia and is delighted when she plays with him
*is super ticklish
*can babble ba-ba-ba, bo-bo-bo
*makes slobbery raspberries
*loves to suck/chew on his middle two fingers
*is nicknamed, Master the Blaster, due to his explod-o-poo
*laughs at stuffed animals
*giggles when his shirts are removed and his bum wiped
*really loves his mommy, favorite place is perched in the front pack carrier
*arches his back and tries to roll over, sometimes flips over and assumes the high-centered position (arms back with legs a kickin')
*has a really cute eyebrow waggle
*has more hair than Justin