16 September 2011

Crafty Alert


Here are a couple projects completed since July. Yes, production is down but still uber cute! Some of the photos are reposts just to get it all in one location. The pixie hat shown on the little baby (in yellow) outside was actually crocheted in green. I keep forgetting to take photos of stuff so don't have about 10 things I've made that went out the door. Oh well! Most were just repeat hats. Can you tell which photos were taken with my crappy point and shoot? I sure can. Makes me crazy! It does take good videos. The lace crowns were made with prefab crochet lace. I brushed modge podge on the lace and allowed to dry. The just glue ends and of course decorate (or spray paint). The crowns remain flexible but still pliable. Next time I will not use the semi-gloss modge podge.