30 September 2008

What To Do With Mailers

I HATE getting mailers and empty fluffy mail with no meaning to me. Today we made a new use for the trice weekly mailers...Amelia and I sat on the floor crumpling paper, rolling around in it, and throwing it in the air. Soon Justin entered the fray and showered Amelia with brightly colored sheets of paper. Amelia was laughing so hard!! It was an irresistible moment in time!

I am feeling a bit stressed out trying to get everything in order for our trip to Jordan. I scheduled 2 photo session this week (my fault, I know), got a hair cut, went to Walmart, and hashed out plans to train someone how to make Bows and Headbands for our Relief Society super Saturday next week. When I signed up to teach a class I had not yet booked our trip to Jordan. Plus I am still trying to finish passing out my photography fliers around the neighborhood. It takes a long time because I try to meet each person that gets a flier. This afternoon Kristalyn and her son Taylor came over. Miekka and Jacob were also here working on Jacob's Halloween costume. I made Taylor a super cute football costume. His dad has dreamed of his son's first Halloween costume for who knows how long. Fun times. In the next couple of days I have a cub scout meeting, den meeting, another photo shoot, photo editing, packing, probably more shopping, more fliers, and training someone on hair bows, plus trying to be spiritually prepared for General Conference. I am going to bed!!!

28 September 2008


Yesterday morning we packed up Amelia and removed all concealed weapons from Justin to brave the circus. Melissa was so awesome to arrange everything for the Call side of the family. We arrived around 9:30 in order to see the animals in their pens before the show. Amelia was quite taken to see an elephant so close...the ones at the zoo were much further away. Melissa, Jonathon, Charity, Kenny, and Raquel (plus kids) all met up with us near the elephant enclosure. Once finished admiring the animals we made our way into the Delta Center (I know it has a new name) for the pre-show. I was shocked at the exorbitant prices of the programs, toys, food, and trinkets. Yikes! The programs alone were $15 per! We made our way to the floor where clowns and circus performers were showing off tricks. Justin didn't even punch a clown...I was sort of disappointed he did not go ballistic! He thinks clowns are psycho: grown men parading around in makeup and wigs, when it is said that way it does come off a bit perverse. Amelia thought all the lights, loud music, and clapping were awesome. She danced and clapped to her heart's content. The show started at 11:00. Our seats were near the very top of the auditorium so we could see everything. Amelia was very entertained for the first 20 minutes. She stood up, said, "All done" and made her way out. We still had 1.5 hours left. She finally succumbed into a fitful nap for a little while. I really enjoyed the elephants, motorcycle cage, and the trapeze artists.

Miekka picked us up around 6 pm so we could carpool to Noelle and Kao's wedding reception in Ogden. My Lance grandparents and Uncle Scott were there. Scott did all the photography, and an awesome job. He had one huge canvas printed up of Noelle in the receiving hall that was amazing. I love to study other photographer's styles and try to figure out how the heck they ended up with such a great picture. I enjoyed chatting with Mary & Mel, Margaret & Jay, Alice & John, and Sally. We had one tuckered out girl by the end of the evening. Astonishingly, she did not fall asleep on the drive home.

De-bo watched Amelia for us Friday evening. We snatched some dinner at Chipotle's then did a session at Jordan River Temple. A girl I used to work with at Woods Cross DWS sat right next to us with her new husband. Her name is Jerilyn. Then the witness couple happened to be the parents of Natalie, another coworker from the same office. I photographed her two boys a couple months ago. Small world! Taking our time in the temple was marvelous. I love the chance to sit back and enjoy the quiet nature of the spirit. Many thanks to De-bo.

The rest of the week was spent in a flurry of activity. Miekka and I went to Macey's for their case lot sale. I spent $330 but felt it was justified since I will be gone for 5 weeks of Walmart trips. I also am working on passing out my photography fliers for the Christmas season. It takes about an hour to 1.5 hours per street. I still have three streets left. I finally cleaned and organized the basement. It is much more functional. Too bad I am such a messy crafter. LOL.

25 September 2008

Gum Thief

This afternoon, shortly after her "no" meltdown. Things quieted down for a while. We all know that when it gets quiet, it is time to check. Little chipmunk had finally learned how to unzipper my purse. She found my gum, unwrapped six pieces, and stuffed all six in her mouth. She was so proud of herself. As soon as she saw me, she toddled over, grabbed my finger, and showed me her accomplishment. She cracks me up. Now I need a new hiding place for my gum.

Fettish with "NO"

Amelia is on a "no" kick. She says no to everything, thinks, then gives her real answer. This afternoon she was particularly whiny about saying no. I actually caught her dramatics on video. What a princess.

21 September 2008

Corn on the Cob

Miss Independence

This week it seems Amelia turned into an independent toddler. Her favorite outside game is to blow me kisses, toddle back for a real kiss, then says bye-bye, and she is off to get the mail. Getting the mail is the best game ever. She even knows which box is ours! I love the snotty kisses she gives me!

She is also trying to run. Her knees are pretty banged up from her legs getting tangled and toppling over on the cement. Every time she falls I hear her mutter, "boom, up up". Love it. Inside the house her newest toy is a stick we keep on the track for the sliding door. It is nearly as tall as she! I love to watch her drag that stick all over the main floor dancing as she walks.

Amelia has another case of the sniffles. It seems this time it might be due to her fourth bottom tooth cutting through. She is not very comfortable so naps and night sleep are out the window. Her newest favorite food is corn on the cob. Watching her eat corn on the cob is pretty funny. I attached a short video as proof. LOL

19 September 2008

Park City Retreat

As close as I'll ever get to kissing a deer
The Chateaux
I watched little Kate, my good friend Catherine's baby, Thursday morning. I am so grateful we don't have twins!! Amelia took a bad tumble down the stairs. She bruised her cheek and possibly twisted her ankle. She was really clingy after my absence the day before. Kate and Amelia were so cute together! We went to the park and played with Kate's toys at home. Kate even let me snuggle her for 10 minutes. So nice...
Justin and I had our first night away in Park City Thursday evening. De-bo stayed with Amelia at our home overnight. The firm held their yearly retreat at the Chateaux at Silver Lake in Deer Valley. Our room is very posh! We stayed here last year as well. We had an hour to relax in our room before dinner. Dinner was held at the Empire Lodge. All the guests mingled for an hour before dinner enjoying conversation, appetizers, and drinks. Dinner consisted of salads, prime rib, salmon, potatoes, and bread. It was very delicious. I enjoyed talking with Justin's colleagues.
The best part was sleeping an entire night without interruption. This morning I walked around the resort area for an hour taking in the incredible hotels. I sort of felt like the Country Mouse coming to visit the Town Mouse. It would be hard for me to squander so much money on such wealth. Breakfast was buffet style. In a little while, everyone will congregate to listen to a guest speaker before lunch. Afterwards we will return home.
The guest speaker was Dr Hull. He was in a trampoline accident that made him a paraplegic. He told his story about recovery and overcoming huge obstacles. It was very inspiring. Glad to have use of my limbs!! Amelia was very glad to see me. She melted into tears when I bonked her head with her car seat. Poor thing was tuckered out after all that excitement.


Wednesday was a VERY busy day due to Candice and Ian's wedding. Justin was able to get the afternoon off work to watch Amelia. Melody watched Amelia from 10:30 until 1:30! I sure appreciate her watching Amelia. I hear she was a good girl! Candice's wedding was held at the Salt Lake Temple. There were only 3 weddings that day; hers was the last wedding of the day. That meant we had a lot of time taking pictures around the temple. Both Candice and Ian are very photogenic so the photos turned out really awesome. I can't wait to post a couple. Ian is a really funny guy. He struck several GQ poses and was totally willing to goof off in front of the camera. It was really fun to have the videographer beside me as well. Between the two of us we had a fun photo shoot.

We finished taking pictures around 1:30, the wedding got out around 11:45! I ran home after the temple pictures and downloaded the pictures onto the computer. Downloading 450 pictures took about two hours...yikes. I quickly chose two, edited, them and sent them to Inkley's hour photo processing service. By this time I was due to be at the reception site for more family pictures. Justin was kind enough to pick up the pictures for me and deliver them at the reception. The reception was held at the Huntsman Cancer Center near the UofU in the 6 floor restaurant. The view was absolutely gorgeous!! I stayed at the reception site from 4:30 until 9:30 pm documenting the reception. I love using a photojournalism style of photography for the reception. My favorite was capturing all the little girls twirling in their pretty dresses. Ian is a member of the Marine Corp. He wore his uniform at the reception. His unit sent the new couple off on their honeymoon in style! They formed a line and used their swords to form an awesome column. As the couple passed down the middle of the line the last couple Marines trapped Ian and gave him a good smack on the bum with their swords. We all shared a good chuckle.

I was glad to come home and put my feet up! Amelia was in bed already. It felt rather strange to be absent from her nightly routine. I've only missed it three times since she was born. Little stinker woke about about 6 times during the night asking....yelling for MOMMY. She scared the wits out of me when she took her binky and scraped it against the wall. I thought there was a robber in the house. I finally figured out it was her, when I opened her door she squealed in delight...Mommy?? Too bad it was 3 am...I laugh now.

15 September 2008

Food For A YEAR??!!!!!!!!

I am a lady on a mission! A little while ago I mentioned that either we were moving into a larger home or cleaning/reorganizing the one we have. The most logical choice was to lighten our load and clean out everything we have not used in over a year. So far I've made 7-8 trips to the DI, several trips to the garbage can, and reorganized every closet we have. Now that the nooks and crannies are organized the rest of our stuff is in the middle of our floors. I can't wait until this project is over. This afternoon the power went out. It seemed Heavenly Father was giving me the chance to start on the biggest project of them all...dum-dum-dum: The basement. AHHHHHHHH! Today I went to one of the local case lot sales and stocked up on some necessities. Problem was the laundry room was overflowing. I ended up inventorying our entire pantry and food storage supplies. Phew. Amelia decided today was not a nap day so she cried on my ankles for an hour. We got the job done and finished organizing the laundry room. The only rooms left are the actual basement and living room. It feels good to touch everything we own and make decisions about the item's fate. I am very pleased to report that we are very, very close to having a year's supply of food. All we lack is more wheat, grains, some oils, and some of the more expensive items like dried eggs, etc. On to 72-hour kits!

I also finished a cute crocheted pumpkin hat for Amelia. Schweet! Two more appliqued shirts occupied my Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I am not much of a napper, so while Justin and Ammy napped I played with fabric. I am teaching myself how to knit (in the round). It is different than crocheting that is for sure.

While out collecting ripe tomatoes, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, and chard for dinner Amelia pulled out her little wading pool and tried to fill it with water from the hose. I obliged her and we spent a happy 20 minutes splashing in her wading pool. She loves to splash like a little duck now.
Justin is very pleased to have a newer laptop. His old "Lappy" was misbehaving and taking forever to load, his screen would black out, and generally being a very bad computer. The newer one should help him work faster and play harder! LOL.

13 September 2008

Where All Your Wildest Dreams Come True

This afternoon we decided to visit the Utah State Fair...where all your wildest dreams come true. We resisted the greasy funnel cakes right off the bat! That was a major accomplishment. Instead we had Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. How come greasy food is so tasty? Amelia was not too sure about seeing real animals up close. The huge pigs scared her. She popped her two fingers in her mouth as a reassurance. We saw the sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, and poultry in turn. She warmed up to the idea of live animals with the sheep and goats. I loved hearing her little voice saying baa, baa or mahh, mahh as we walked along. The best part was the hands on farm. She toted her little basket along collecting corn kernels, apples, milk, veggies, wool, etc. At the end you could "buy" a snack, we chose mashmellow mateys. Yum! My splurge of the day was a child-sized cowboy hat. Probably, grossly overpriced but completely cute. I really enjoyed browsing the photography exhibits.
This evening Justin and I attended a Food Storage Seminar by a lady who is completely amazing. She even has a website with tons of recipes, tips, and encouragement. Check out her site: www.simplylivingsmart.com

Saturday Morning Ride

Amelia and I enjoyed a bike ride this morning! The weather was perfect! I could bike forever in weather like today. Amelia took a snooze after drinking her milk, playing with her Ernie ball, and farm toy. Justin attended a leadership meeting for Regional Conference. President Monson spoke as well as a related cousin, Elder Call. He said the meeting was really interesting. I can't wait to wheedle the details out of him.

11 September 2008

I Love Amelia

Thanksgiving Outfit
Lookin' Cute in GREEN
This morning Amelia and I were in the kitchen getting "eral" (aka cereal) for breakfast. Yesterday I put four tomatoes in the window sill to ripen the tops a bit more. At the time she took one bite out of a tomato then threw it on the ground, it seemed her intent was to bite each tomato. I sternly told her, "no, no Amelia." This morning she longingly eyed the red tomatoes, inching ever closer to the sill. I heard her quietly saying, "no, no mia; no, no mia" and shaking her head no. I whipped up her short little body and tickled her until she called me a nice mommy.

When she woke up this morning I took her into our room to see daddy. Justin had his sleeping mask on at first so she was not too sure who the Darth Vader character was in daddy's place. He took off the mask and she exclaimed, "oh, DADDY!" as if he miraculously appeared. Later I was making the bed when she toddled in peeking up onto the mattress asking for Daddy. So, so cute.
Lately, she has a fascination with the pantry. She rifles about finding a box of macaroni, package of ramen, fruit snacks, baby food, etc then carries the object around wanting to taste it. She learned what a snack is so always wants one. Either she is really hungry all the time or just enjoys trying out a bite here and there. Her other favorite place to hang out is inside the fridge. Whenever I open the door she is right there and climbs onto the bottom shelf asking for milk.

09 September 2008

Goose Egg

The Goose EggFrontal View of Said Goose Egg
Christmas Tree Shirt

Amelia bonked her head pretty hard this evening. She was reading books in cousin Libby's lap next to the bookcase when she tried to pull out a book, lost her balance, and crashed into the wooden/metal side. You can really see how swollen it is from the side! She was a trooper and only cried for 10 minutes. As you can tell, by the time her bath rolled around she was rockin' out.

I had a Dr appointment this morning with a clinic that specializes in Bioidentical Hormones and Hormone Replacement Therapy. It could be another alternative to resolve my fatigue issues. Since Armour Thyriod is having a shortage crisis maybe this therapy will prove to be more reliable. The doctor I signed up to see is out of the office so I met with another lady. We met up with Miekka at McDonald's near St Marks Hospital. Both Seth and Amelia were born there! I always think of the Major Payne movie because we watched it right before I went into hard labor. LOL.

Amelia had an extra dose of Elmo this afternoon because she decided napping was overrated. I worked on a cute Christmas shirt for her. We made a trip to Walmart for milk and other sundry items. Charity and kids came over for a minute to play and eat Del Taco. Not, Charity drove out here to show the townhouse next door to new potential renters, they stood her up. Jana came over this evening so she could identify the muscles in my trunk area. Her poking and prodding felt more like a massage. She can study on me anytime!!! Jana is in school learning to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I enjoyed the company.

08 September 2008

We're Going to JORDAN!!

We finally received our passports and visas. Saturday evening we booked our tickets to Amman, Jordan. I will leave on 06 October and Justin will join me 24 October. We will return home 08 November!! The reality of our trip is beginning to sink in. I ordered two travel books today for Jordan and Israel. This will be Amelia's fourth plane trip in less than 9 months!

07 September 2008

I Love to see the Temple

Daddy and Da Bubs
Mommy, Mommy...al-wight
Temple silhouette
Angel Moroni

Amelia using her Sniffer
The Christus
Reflection Pond
Ohhh, I get to touch?

This afternoon we visited Temple Square. The weather was gorgeous! Amelia is really cute when she smells flowers because she scrunches up her nose and sniffs really loud. Justin's favorite thing right now is when Amelia calls, "Daddy, Daddy" when he answers she replies "al-wight" and toddles away! It melts your heart.

In Relief Society she snuck up next to the lady giving the opening prayer and loudly proclaimed "A-min" after about 15 seconds. I heard a lot of giggling! Amelia is a very precocious child! She is so wonderful! I love it when she lets me cuddle her or when she pats my back and says "nice". Good thing we are an eternal family.

Ethan's Birthday Party

This weekend was really exciting! It started when Justin came home on Friday to a happy bubs and wife! We all had dinner with James, Miekka, Seth, and Jacob at Lone Star. Dinner was really good, so good calories were thrown under the table when we ordered both cheese fries and a Texas Rose (onion thing).

The excitement continued when our phones started to ring off the hook around 12:30 am. Apparently, our "renter" next door finally came home after being AWOL for 36 hours only to find the locks changed on the doors. Needless to say, she was stinkin', hoppin' mad about it. Legally, she never moved anything in and never paid the rents/deposits. Poor Bruce had to deal with her at 2:30 in the morning due to the time zone. Justin was so worked up he slept on the couch. He opened the door for her early the next morning so she could collect her few belongings and leave. Her excuse was that her fiance died of a brain aneurysm. We are not really sure what is truth or fact.

We pulled our tired selves together in time to celebrate Ethan's 4th birthday party. Melissa invited us all over for BBQ chicken, beans, veggies, fruit, and drinks at their new home. It is located right next to the Ogden River Parkway! I took a 45 minute stroll down the pathway to settle Melissa's yummy lunch. Ethan was really excited about the Dino cake Charity made for him. Awesome job! Ethan has a hard time keeping clothes on...Melissa is lucky to keep underpants on the little whipper snapper. He opened presents in the buff. I made him a dinosaur appliqued shirt for the occasion. Justin and his siblings enjoyed friendly rivalry with Jonathon and Scot while watching the BYU game. Luckily, BYU won and no one lost an ear due to slinging insults. Since I am a horrible football watcher I went on a walk and worked on a crocheted hat for Amelia.

My new lens came in the mail. I had fun trying it out! I borrowed a similar lens from my Dad but it was so dusty from being carted around sandy deserts that all the pictures were blurry. Too bad, since he had a potentially awesome 80-200 lens. Mom has a cute picture of Justin inside a clothes hamper when he was about Amelia's age. We tried to recreate the shot (see the collage).

04 September 2008

Going DOWN the Stairs

Yipee! Amelia learned how to get down the stairs by herself!

Lickin' Good Fun

We've had a full week so far. Tuesday morning Miekka watched Amelia while I attended another photography class through Pictureline. I am really impressed with their classes! This class encompassed the art of Photo Journalism and composition.

Seth started his first day of Kindergarten that same afternoon. I picked up Amelia about the same time so was able to witness the excitement and nerves of his first day. Miekka and I spent a ponderous hour at Pine Needles in Gardner Village picking out fabric for her car seat project. She finally settled on a super-duper cute orange, green, and brown pattern that screams Miekka. I spent more money than she did picking up fat quarters and single 12 inch panels for appliqueing.

Wednesday at Walmart their summer "Geranimals" shirts were on sale for $1 (usually $4). Yah, I picked up 21 shirts. My good friend cleaned out the rest of the their stock. Maybe we should open a shop on Etsy making outfits! I sewed a cute skirt to match her owl shirt after my Walmart find. I will be rich!!!!!!! LOL...NOT. De-bo called needing some company so Amelia and I drove over there and spent an hour chatting with "Auntie" De-bo. Around 7 pm I met Cammie and Michelle at Dairy Queen for some adult-level interaction. Amelia devoured her own cone using her long-tongue licking skills. I enjoyed my own cone with deliberate slowness to prolong our visit. I felt like a better person after visiting. These evenings when Justin is gone can be hard.

Today Amelia and I met a good friend, Emily, from DWS for lunch at my favorite Noodles and Company. I am always amazed at how many times DWS changes for the better and worse in a matter of weeks. Speaking of DWS, I recently had a dream about going back to work for them. Sean called me up and offered me a 6 month job for $7000. I agreed because then I could get my coveted camera and lenses. Amelia came with me to work and visited all the cubicles and took naps under the desk. She was an angel (first dose this was NOT real). My job entailed compiling a photographic yearbook covering the past 7 years of employees. On my last day of the job the only person left to photograph wouldn't sign the model release form. Sean couldn't pay me until the picture was taken. I woke up in complete anguish...so close, yet so far away. I had a fun but stressful photo session with my two cute nephews. The stressful part came when Amelia woke up from her nap in a cranky mood. She flailed on the floor hurling long gooey strands of snot while I continued to photograph and ignore her. Still my blood pressure was up from trying to ignore her and wanting to lull her back to sleep. The boys were really handsome and hammed up to my camera. Catherine invited me over for a little while for a mini-photoshop lesson. I showed her how to apply grunge textures to photos.

My new next door neighbor is turning out to be a flaky renter. She still has not paid the deposit or rents. Kenny came over this evening and changed the locks. She seems nice but possibly sketchy. I'll be spooning with Justin's Khar pistol tonight just in case!

01 September 2008

A Rainy Parade Day

Drooling Baby and a Moco Nose

Ominous Clouds

The Parade: Justin Feels Pretty with a Rainbow Umbrella, Candy, and Smiles

Another cute BOY hat

We headed up to Wellsville early this morning to watch the yearly parade with Grandma and Grandpa Baerwaldt. On the drive up Amelia fell asleep and started to drool on her car seat straps. It was awesome. Around Kaysville we ran into some rolling clouds of rain, wind, and dark weather. I happened to snap a photo as we raced along. We arrived in time to see the parade, get rained on, snap up a cache of candy, and enjoy the cold weather. Justin was pretty dry in his rain gear, my bum was wet from the lawn chairs, and Amelia was soaked through. We wrapped her in a huge blanket while her clothes took a turn in the clothes dryer. Dave roasted steak and hot dogs while Grandma spread out a fancy meal. Her sister Sally and cousin were visiting for the day. They are here to spend a few days at the Genealogy library. How fun!! Sally's voice is as gravelly as Grandma's is...but she talks non-stop. LOL. James and crew showed up after the parade in time for lunch. Miekka and I enjoyed an hour on the town looking for cute fabric to cover her "boy-themed" car seat for the pending arrival of their little girl in November. We found something cute, but not super-duper cute. I told her about Pine Needles so we will visit there tomorrow. I crocheted a cute boy's hat on the drive up for a gal little tyke in my ward. The day started out cold but ended up perfectly cool and sunny. Justin and I even took Amelia to the park to exercise her legs after all that sitting.

On the drive up to Logan I tried to convince Justin to let me paint each wall in the basement a different color: plain white, matte black, brown vignette, and green. No luck. My next move is to clean and DI designate our belongings. I am starting to feel claustrophobic. We need to move into something bigger, rent a storage unit, or live like hermits. Any body want a hermit?