19 August 2012

Back to School


A month ago I had the great idea to offer mini-sessions for back to school. Kelly jumped on board! Parents can bring their kids for a 10 minute slot to get memorable photos instead of the ones taken by the school. This was the result of our efforts! I found the desk for $10 at a local antique store. The rest was scrounged up from here and there. The outfit Mia is wearing is the last one I made for her. I LOVE it. I wanted to show parents that younger siblings could be incorporated as well. Everett wore a vintage suit I got when Phillip was little. So fun.



The Countdown

One week before school starts...that was 6 days ago. We enjoyed our last week before school just hanging out and playing. I had a photoshoot early Monday morning. The kids watched a movie in the van for 20 minutes. We dropped off the van to get the rear tire leak fixed. Ella came over to play for the rest of the morning. I made peach leather and dehydrated peaches before noon! Kelly and I are doing a mini-session for back to school photos mid-September. We took come cute photos of Amelia and Everett with a vintage inspired set. Amelia went to Lily's super fun birthday party. It started at 8 pm and went to 11 pm. Lily wanted to have a night party and watch the meteor shower. It was cloudy most of the day but cleared up right around dusk. She was very excited.  

Tuesday the weather was predicted as hot and humid. I took the kids on an impromptu trip to the Sterling water park. About 6 other families from Sidney were at the pool too! Everett learned how to spin himself in his floatie. It was pretty dang funny. Imagine an upright wheel with a stick through the hole. That was how he learned how to spin...on the edge. The sun set through a haze of smoke from a near by fire. Everett is close to taking his first steps! He can balance quite well when not paying attention.

Wednesday we did not do much. I started to clean my craft room (yikes). I am a messy crafter. I try to keep it organized but it always ends up messy. The kids spent most of the morning outside watching our road get chip sealed. Not sure I like all the rocks and dust the cars throw right into our house. We went to the park for some play time in the awesome weather. Late Wednesday night, like 11:30 pm, a lady contacted me needing newborn photos of her daughter before they returned home to Lincoln. I had a hard time sleeping with all the ideas floating around in my head.

Thursday morning the kids helped me clean the upstairs and basement. Amelia went to have a playdate with Zane. Her bed had to be made before Zane arrived. She plopped the pillow down on the bed a millisecond before the doorbell rang. Lucky stinker. She spends so much time complaining that the task could have been done three times. Asking her to help is like pulling teeth. Everett started running a low grade fever, no other symptoms popped up. He slept during my photo session. Phillip helped me get some smiles out of the family. He played with their little daughter while I worked with the baby. It was so fun! I had to borrow two lenses from Kelly since my stock lens decided to crap out too. I fixed my stock lens but it is not working stellar anymore. Justin stayed home from work part of Thursday morning. His new gun safe was scheduled for delivery at 9 am. It did not arrive until 2:15. He had to clear out a niche for it in the garage. It is huge! Phillip decided his skin was dry so used 1/2 a bottle of baby lotion to hydrate his skin and hair. I could not help but laugh because he had a long thread of drool hanging from the side of his mouth. Everett was desperately trying to get the lotion lid back on before I discovered Phillip. He knew Phillip was in trouble. Amelia helped me can 7 quarts of peaches. She liked peeling the skins off the fruit for me. One jar burst during processing. All the peaches are either eaten, dried, or canned. Hooray! The kids really enjoyed playing in the gun safe box. They colored it, made it into a house and then into a slide.

Friday morning Everett's fever was a little worse, around 101; with Tylenol it came right down. He was grumpy but still scooting around. Zane and Morgan hosted a birthday/back to school party at the park for lunch. Stacey, a lady I visit teach, met us there. She is a very interesting lady. She raises her own sheep for wool! She shears, combs, cards, and spins all her own yarn. On top of that she raises all her own animals for meat, milks, and eggs. I am contacting her if I ever need to butcher an animal. Phillip helped Justin change the oil in the van. I thought their legs sticking out under the van with foreheads touching was quite a moment. Phillip loves it when Justin drags out his tools.

Saturday around 3 am Everett woke up with a raging fever. My thermometer said 106.2 he vomited the fever reductors I tried to give him. I spent two hours trying to get his fever down with wet towels and a bath. Justin gave him a blessing around 5:30 am. I took him to the clinic right when they opened. Other than the fever and the two times he vomited no other symptoms showed up. The lab pulled some blood to check for Meningitis, West Nile, and Encephalitis. The Dr pulled a strep test too. Poor kid. Justin picked up some suppository Tylenol and phenegrin to bring down his fever and stop the vomiting. A couple hours later he had a normal fever again. Late last night his fever finally broke. A couple of times he would not let anyone hold him, just throw a tantrum on the floor, then fall asleep 2 seconds later. Madison brought us over some dinner. That was so nice of them! I made a trip to Dalton to pick up our Bountiful Baskets. I also ordered some yummy sourdough bread, 30 lbs of tomatoes, a guacamole pack of veggies, and some fresh tortillas. Everything looks so fresh and yummy.

Today we kept everyone home from church until we find out what Everett has! Hopefully we will have word tomorrow morning. Getting nervous that we won't be able to go to the Lance family reunion of everyone gets sick. We are meeting the family at a cabin in Island Park on Thursday for the weekend. So excited!

iPhone Photos

Amelia and Lia 

Box Heads

Aug 4, Bridgeport Resevoir

Getting warm

Sand Angels

Sand Monkey

Drinking lake water

Butterfly trap

Girl Date



First time bowling for Amelia

First time bowling for Everett

Phillip and Justin camping

Last visit to Sterling Pool this week
Both boys nodding heads the same way

My messy craft room...genius!!

Very sick baby Everett