20 November 2008

Amelia's New Words

It seems Amelia's vocabulary is exploding. Within the last month these are a few of the words and phrases she commonly uses in a day.

I want you, Hold you, Want more, Pill it up (fill it up), I do it, Oh man, No way

Apple, Pagetti (spaghetti), Nack (snack), Grape, Water, Cereal

Mail, 'Toller (stroller), Anket (blanket), Bath, Coat/-aket (jacket), Spoon, Fork, Hat, Socks, Teeth, Toes, Nose, Eyes, Cheek, Hair, Key, Car, Sun, Cloud, Moon, Star, Flower, Grass, Stair, Chair

Nigh-nigh, Go bye-bye, Pretty, Cute

She makes cute animal sounds (cow, chicken, rooster, dog, cat, monkey, rabbit, fish, snake, turtle, donkey, pig, goat, sheep, etc)

Can count to five and knows half the alphabet; she will repeat words when I read her books.
Her favorite books are Mr Brown Can Moo, Goodnight Moon, Moo Baa La La La (most Sandra
Boynton books), and any DK Peek a boo books