27 May 2010

Sewing for Summer

I've been chipping away at my LARGE pile of projects, now looming large since summer is nearly here. I completed three orders, one for 6 hair clips, an infant onesie/hat set, and a toddler shirt/hat set. I have about 5 shirts and short sets nearly completed too for the kiddos. I couldn't help but make another pair of cute pants for Phillip with a matching onesie. The fabric came from a high end man's polo shirt, you know I can't resist green! You can click on the collages to make them extra large if you need details. Alison helped me finish the watermelon shirt by suggesting I use some seed shaped embellishments and fabric glue. The dress is about the cutest ever. I used a tutorial from Make it and Love it with modifications. I added straps instead of sewing the dress to a shirt. No shirts to spare over here. I am having SEW much fun.