13 March 2012

Fresh as Fresh Can Be

It seems like a while has past since last writing. Potty training was not working out so we are taking a short break. I'd sit with him in the bathroom for 20-60 minutes trying to coax that stubborn pee-pee into the toilet. Then he'd get off and go pee in the corner or on poor Tow Mater's head (pull-up). I even found a complete dragon Imaginex tower and figures at the consignment store as an extra reward. He just got mad that I would not give it too him after he sat on the potty all that time. The connections have not met yet. I do love the faces he pulls when poor Mater gets peed or pooped on.
I helped out Kelly Sudduth Photography with three newborn photoshoots in the past week. Kelly is pretty open to trying out some of my crazy ideas. We tried out a funky canopy shot, the potato sack pose, and a couple others that we agreed on. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work. Thanks to Jeremee, Rose, and Neleigh for helping out with the kids. I honestly felt a bit bad leaving the kids so much! Kelly and I went out for lunch at the new Greek place on Main Street. It was good...for Sidney.
Friday night the Haley's hosted a fun dinner group for us and the Ryder's. Everett came with us. He was quite grouchy after a night of teething and then a babysitter. He only wanted mom. Rocky and Matt kept us entertained with their banter. Alison's home is beyond gorgeous and stylish. Makes me want to move even more than I already do. We met Deacon, their cute little Pudel-Pointer dog. I told Justin I would rather he spend 40k on a truck and not get a dog right now. Justin has good intentions but we all know who would end up taking care of a dog and three kids. Alison made some delish food. I was stuffed up to my noggin with good food.
Saturday Justin changed the van and Nissan's oil. It took him much longer than anticipated. The van needed a special tool to loosen the oil filter since it is a Toyota. He was quite the grease monkey. It was a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s day. I planted round 2 of my peas. Cleaned up some of the yard. Went to the park with the kids. This weather is odd...but ever so enjoyable. I almost expected to wake up to snow on Sunday!
Justin gave an awesome talk Sunday. He spoke on Family History using Elder Bednar's October 2011 conference address. Read it! Amazing! I caught a word here and there as I wrestled a cranky baby and active toddler. I farmed Amelia out to Brother Franken! Justin took me home afterwards for a long nap. I had a long night with intestinal distress, wink, wink.
Amelia quarreled with poor Fake-lene. He called her an imaginary bad word so she told him to move out. He promptly packed his bags and left. I guess he could not find another home because by bedtime he moved back in. Apparently, his apology was quite eloquent! She had to pal around with Faline for a couple hours while Fake-lene took a hike. Sunday evening I inventoried our food storage. Lately Justin and I felt very strongly that we needed to take a closer look at our situation. Good thing too! Adding two kids since the last time we bulked up means we need a bit more. I was surprised by how much we do have! Our main deficit is dry milk, the most expensive item of course. We also need honey, some oils, wheat, rice, and lentils. The rest is just fluffy stuff! Hooray! Monday I went to Safeway and discovered jam on the 50% clearance rack. Jam was one item we lacked. I purchased it cheaper than it would cost to make. That was a simple answer to prayer.
Phillip has taken to toting around his big monkey (fondly called "my cow") and his baby chick monkey. He was carrying them on Friday afternoon when he and I tried to pass through the narrowest doorway in our house. He lost the fight with my amazing left thigh and his poor forehead ate the corner. His forehead split right open and he got a nice goose egg and bruise to boot. Once he and cow got Buzz Lightyear bandaids the world seemed right again.
Everett has a nasty bum rash. I put on bum cream when changing his diapers. This afternoon I ran out of diapers in the livingroom basket. I ran to get some more. When I came back Everett's bum was bright blue and smelled like Bubble Mint. Phillip proudly showed me his Transformer toothpaste that he smeared on Everett's tushie. That is what I call a fresh bum.