29 May 2012

Seriously?! 11 hours...

Our home was awake by 5:25 am. I slept in a bit more since packing the van took longer than planned. Justin helped me strap in the kids, kiss us all goodbye, and say a prayer. I was dead dog tired. We drove without incident to Cheyenne. I pulled over on some obscure off ramp and took a literal 5 minute nap sitting in the drivers seat. I felt quite refreshed after my cat nap. The kids were starving an hour later so we stopped for breakfast. Right after breakfast the wind started. Cue the rain! Cue the SNOW?! Cue the barf...Amelia squeaked from the back that her tummy hurt. I barely pulled over in time to pull her out of the van as she littered the freeway with breakfast. Poor kid was still in her PJs so her legs were freezing as we stood out in the sleeting rain. She laid down and took a nap. Her tummy made a miraculous recovery after that. The snow finally petered out. Between lunch, potty stops, another barf stop, a poopy diaper stop, and a stop for a time out. We made poor time. Sheesh.

We are enjoying our time with the James family. We visited Charity right away. She perked up seeing the kiddos racing about her room. Charity had back surgery on the 8th of May. Her recovery was not progressing as planned. She was in constant terrible pain and her left leg was not functioning correctly. She was moved to a care facility about a week later. She developed a bladder infection around Wednesday. The care center did not treat her until Saturday because they did not believe her. She had to constantly ask for her pain meds since care centers can only deliver meds by request. Plus being so close to home but ever so far away made her care center stay a nightmare. I am ever so grateful Charity and Kenny asked me to come help out on the home front.

The kids are in school for the rest of this week. After that we get to celebrate the first 2-3 weeks of summer with Libby, Mason, and Reagan. We need ideas for cheap, fun summer activities. Guess where I am headed? Pinterest!!! Amelia is in heaven with Reagan. She is relishing one on one time with her favorite cousin. I let them sleep together on non-school nights. They were up giggling and telling stories over the weekend until 10:30 pm. Mason and Libby love to play with baby Everett and Phillip. Mason is a baby charmer! Both boys are in awe of Mr Mason.

PS: Amelia asked me when I took the photo of Reagan reading books to Amelia. The girls were so engrossed they never noticed me snapping away! Reagan is one smart gal! She is reading on a 6th-7th grade level, she is finishing up 1st grade.